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Mint quiz

Mint quiz
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First Published: Sat, Sep 01 2007. 12 41 AM IST

Updated: Sat, Sep 01 2007. 12 41 AM IST
Famous toy brands
1. David Berger came up with this name while creating a comic strip for US military magazines in World War II. In 1964, Hasbro came up with a series of prototypes originally named Rocky (marine/soldier), Skip (sailor) and Ace (pilot),before dropping the individual names and using this name for the entire series. Which name?
GI Joe.
2.The legend behind this toy originated when in 1902, an American president on a hunting trip refused to shoot an old she-bear, who had been cornered. This was made famous by a cartoon in Washington Post, which inspired a novelty store owner to come up with this toy. Which?
Teddy Bear. The president was Theodore Roosevelt, and hence the toy was named Teddy after him.
3.This brand began in 1968, and released 16 pieces, 11 of which were designed by Harry Bentley Bradley, who had designed the cars Dodge Deora and Custom Fleetside.Which brand?
Hot Wheels.
Photographic companies
4. Which Japanese company is named after this mountain?
Fuji. named after Mt. Fuji.
5.One of the reasons for the naming of this brand was that the founder of this brand was fond of the letter ‘K’, and called it a “strong, incisive sort of letter”. He and his mother devised this brand name from an anagram set, and said that the three criteria for choosing the name were: it should be short, it couldn’t be mispronounced, and it shouldn’t resemble or be associated with anything else. Which brand?
6.This company, founded in 1928, got its name from the Japanese word for ‘ripening rice field’, because the founder’s mother’s favourite saying was “the ripest ears of rice bow their heads the lowest”. It is also said to be a short form for ‘Machinery and Instruments Optical by Tashima’. Which company?
Minolta. It is said to be a shortened form of ‘Machinery and Instruments Optical by Tashima’.
Search engines
7.While using this search engine, a user can enter questions in plain English and seek answers. This was named after a literary character, who was named after a Warwickshire cricketer. The name of this search engine was changed in 2006 to drop the literary character’s name. Which?
AskJeeves.com, which is now Ask.com. AskJeeves.com was named after PG Wodehouse’s character Jeeves, who in turn was named after a Warwickshire cricketer Percy Jeeves.
Which search engine that began as a research project at Carnegie Mellon University, is named after the predatory wolf-spider?
9.The name of this search engine was inspired by a poem written more than 800 years ago during the reign of the Song Dynasty, and means hundreds of times. Which?
Baidu, the leading Chinese search engine.
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First Published: Sat, Sep 01 2007. 12 41 AM IST