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Mint Quiz

Mint Quiz
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First Published: Sat, Jul 14 2007. 03 55 AM IST
Updated: Sat, Jul 14 2007. 03 55 AM IST
Brands named after deities
1. Which brand is named after this Greek goddess?
Nike.She’s the Greek goddess of victory.
2. Which Japanese automobile brand gets its name from the Zoroastrian God of wisdom, intelligence and harmony?
Mazda. Named after Ahura Mazda.
3. Which brand gets its name from one of the names of Hanuman?
Maruti is one of the names of Hanuman.
Business references in Asterix comics
4. In Asterix and the Cauldron, the bank that Asterix and Obelix try to rob is a reference to which real life bank?
Barclay’s bank. The bank in the comic is called Barclus Bank.
5. The name of the British druid in Asterix and the Goths is a reference to the name of a tax introduced in most Indian states in 2005. This is an indirect sales tax paid at each stage of production and distribution of a good based on value added at that stage. Which tax?
VAT, or value-added tax. The druid is called Valueaddedtax.
6. In Asterix in Switzerland, when Asterix and Obelix’s wheel breaks down, the mascot of a certain company comes to fix the wheel. Which company’s mascot?
Michelin. The mascot is Bibendum, the Michelin man.
Musical instrument manufacturers
7. This company was named after its founder, who designed the first commercially successful solid-body electric bass guitar. His most popular guitar design was called the Stratocaster. Which company?
Fender. Named after Leo Fender.
8. This legendary variety of violin is named after the Italian instrument maker who lived fromm 1644 to 1737, and its models, most of which are in working condition even today, fetch millions of dollars at auctions. The fictional detective Sherlock Holmes had one of these violins. Which variety?
Stradivarius violins. Named after Antonio Stradivari.
9. The founder of this legendary piano brand emigrated from Germany to Amefrica in 1850 with his family. One of his sons remained in Germany, and continued making this brand of pianos there. Factories of this company at New York and Hamburg are operational even today. Which company?
Steinway pianos.
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First Published: Sat, Jul 14 2007. 03 55 AM IST
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