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Mint Quiz # 39

Mint Quiz # 39
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First Published: Sat, Mar 29 2008. 02 14 AM IST
Updated: Sat, Mar 29 2008. 02 14 AM IST
Internet advertising and marketing
1. What is the claim to fame of the image that you see below?
2. With respect to online advertising, what are the 3 Rs?
3. Which term refers to marketing/advertising that requires people to agree to receive advertising/marketing campaigns?
Dilbert comics
4. What is the name of the employee who joins as Wally’s new team leader, whose name is pronounced ‘hay-soos’?
5. What is the name of the Indian intern who, at the India Institute of Technology, was trained to sleep only on national holidays?
6. With reference to the character in Question 4, Wally tells PHB, “For forty shares of stock, I could point him out at lunch.” What incident in Christianity is this a reference to?
7. He went to Japan to assist in the 1951 Japanese census. His expertise in quality control led to him receiving an invitation from the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers to work with and help Japanese industry. He is regarded as the non-Japanese who’s had the most influence on Japanese manufacturing and industry. Who?
8. He initiated the zero defects programme at the Martin Company. He was the quality control manager of the Pershing missile programme. His first book was called Quality is free. He is known for his principle of DRIFT—‘doing it right the first time’. Who?
9. This famous Japanese engineer and statistician is best known for the _____ loss function, philosophy of off-line quality control and innovations in experiment design. Who?
1. The first ever banner ad. Placed by hotwired.com in October 1994.
2. Reach, Relevance and RoI (return on investment).
3. Permission marketing.
4. Jesus.
5. Asok.
6. Reference to Judas’ pointing out Jesus in return for 30 pieces of silver.
7. W. Edwards Deming.
8. Philip Crosby.
9. Genichi Taguchi.
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First Published: Sat, Mar 29 2008. 02 14 AM IST