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Mint Quiz

Mint Quiz
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First Published: Sat, Aug 11 2007. 03 04 AM IST
Updated: Sat, Aug 11 2007. 03 04 AM IST
1.The first of its kind was a silver coin weighing about 178gm (see picture), and was introduced by a ruler during his rule from 1540 to 1545. Its name literally meant silver. What?
Rupee. Raupya in Sanskrit means silver. It was introduced by Sher Shah Suri.
2. This currency is used in many countries, most of them Arabic speaking. The name of this currency is an Arabic word that comes from a silver Roman coin first minted in 211 BC. Which currency?
Dinar. The name from the Roman coin denarius.
3.The name of this currency comes from a silver rich mine in Germany called Joachimsthal. Coins minted from the silver of this mine were called Joachimsthalers, which name was subsequently shortened to thalers. A corrupted form of this word survives as the name of a currency. Which?
Famous routes
4. This is the name given to an interconnected series of ancient trade routes through various regions of Asia, mainly connecting Chang’an (present day Xian) in China with Asia minor and the Mediterranean. It gets its name from the main commodity that was traded along it. What?
Silk Road
5. This famous trade route, also known as Sadak-e-Azam, was commissioned by the ruler referred to in Question 1. It begins in Sonargaon in Bangladesh, passes through India and culminates in Peshawar in Pakistan. Which route?
Grand Trunk Road. It was commissioned by Sher Shah Suri.
6. This famous train, synonymous with luxury and comfort, currently runs from Paris to Strasbourg. However, the two cities most intimately associated with it are Paris and Istanbul, which formed the original termini of the route. Which train?
Orient Express, which was immortalized by Agatha Christie.
Retail chains
7. This retailing giant originated when its founder started a variety shop called _____’s five and dime in Bentonville, Arkansas in 1945. The first store bearing the current name began operations in 1962. Which retail chain?
8.The first store of this chain opened in 1957 in Annecy, France, near a crossroads, and was named after the French name for crossroads. Which international hypermarket chain?
9. The name of which retail chain, which began in Chennai in 1997, literally means ‘prosperity’ in Sanskrit?
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First Published: Sat, Aug 11 2007. 03 04 AM IST