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Mint Quiz # 38

Mint Quiz # 38
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First Published: Sat, Mar 15 2008. 02 27 AM IST
Updated: Sat, Mar 15 2008. 02 27 AM IST
Corporate Scandals
1. In 1991, this firm was caught submitting false bids to the US, in an attempt to purchase more Treasury bonds than permitted by one buyer. It was fined $290 million, the largest ever fine levied on an investment bank at the time, which led to its weakening and acquisition. Which company?
2. Fortune named it “America’s Most Innovative Company” for six consecutive years. This firm claimed revenues of $111 billion in 2000. At the end of 2001 it was revealed that its reported financial condition was sustained mostly by institutionalized, systematic, and creatively planned accounting fraud. Which company?
3. This company (1711– c1850s) was an English company granted a monopoly to trade with South America under a treaty with Spain. The government and the company convinced the holders of around £10 million of short-term government debt to exchange it with a new issue of stock in the company. Rumours of possible profits led to overheated speculation in this company’s shares. However, when the voyages were delayed and little actual profit resulted, the share price collapsed. Which company?
4. William E. _____ studied at Yale University and worked initially in the timber industry, there he also acquired knowledge of wooden structures. He founded a company on July 15, 1916, together with George Conrad Westervelt, a Navy engineer, and named it after their initials. Soon the name was changed to “Pacific Aero Products”. In 1917, the company got its present name. Which company?
5. On 25 February, 2008, the Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 took off from Heathrow Airport and landed at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. What unique distinction does this flight hold?
6. He was one of the luminaries at the Moscow-based Central Aero and Hydrodynamics Institute from 1929 to his death in 1972. During his career, he designed and oversaw the design of more than 100 types of aircraft, some of which set 78 world records. Which aircraft is named after him?
7. This website was originally intended to be called ‘cadabra’, which was short for ‘abracadabra’, but the suggestion was dropped in favour of the present name because it was thought that it would sound like ‘cadaver’. Which website?
8. This website, with the tag line ‘news for nerds, stuff that matters’, was given its name to confuse people who tried to pronounce its full URL. Which website?
9. The website line56.com is a B2B website. It gets its name from line 56 of a certain play of William Shakespeare. Which line?
1. Salomon Brothers
2. Enron
3. South Sea Co. The result was what became famous as the South Sea Bubble
4. Boeing. Named after William E. Boeing
5. This was the first flight on biofuel
6. Anton Tupolev. Tupolev aircraft are named after him
7. Amazon.com
8. Slashdot. The name was chosen to confuse people who tried to pronounce its full URL http://slashdot.org
9. “To be or not to be” is line 56 of Hamlet. The name was chosen as it was a B2B site
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First Published: Sat, Mar 15 2008. 02 27 AM IST
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