BioActives launched by Avesthagen

BioActives launched by Avesthagen
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First Published: Thu, Feb 21 2008. 04 39 PM IST
Updated: Thu, Feb 21 2008. 04 39 PM IST
New Delhi: Avesthagen , a Life Sciences company has introduced in the market seven new botanical bioactives under the Avestaä brand aimed to promote wellness through prevention of specific degenerative conditions like diabetes, bone loss and cardiovascular diseases.
The bioActives will be available as dietary supplements that will appeal to the youth in cereal bars and cracker categories.
It uses two of its patented technologies to develop bioActives. A comprehensive database that brings together traditional medicine with modern systems biology and MetaGridä, a unique algorithm that enables comprehensive constituent profiling its metabolic fingerprints are generated to help chararacterize the bioActives and help in quality control and assurance.
According to Dr Villoo Morawala Patell, founder, chairperson and managing director of Avesthagen Ltd said, “Avesthagen’s goal is to incorporate great-tasting, life-enhancing natural ingredients in modern lifestyles. We have extensively studied the market and our bionutrition development team has created bioactives with variants that hold tremendous benefit for the consumer. These seven bioActives will be followed by more, research for which is in the offing.”
The MetaGridä helps maintain batch-to-batch reproducibility of the bioactive, which is an issue in conventional systems. Taking advantage of cell-based assays and GLP-compliant preclinical studies to ensure safety and efficacy of the bioActives, organoleptic optimization is done to improve taste and other properties. The bioActives are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000, ISO22000:2005 facility.
The bioActives launched include various bioactive benefits:
Aspandä controls blood sugar
Teestarä moderates blood sugar levels
Cincataä maintains blood glucose levels
Bonapureä promotes bone growth
Phytosseaä assists in inhibiting cartilage degradation
Smartcholä moderates cholesterol levels
Xanomaxä has antioxidant properties
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First Published: Thu, Feb 21 2008. 04 39 PM IST