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Mint Quiz # 33

Mint Quiz # 33
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First Published: Sat, Feb 02 2008. 12 07 AM IST

Updated: Sat, Feb 02 2008. 12 07 AM IST
Welcome to Mint’s Question of Answers—the business quiz with a difference. This quiz is based on our belief of why quizzing is fun—that the answer to every question can be worked out from clues inherent in the question. Mint hopes this quiz will introduce young people to business and economics, and their role in everyday life. Each edition of the quiz will feature questions on three themes—today’s questions are on Awards, British automobiles and Google services/products/acquisitions.
1. Some of the acceptance speeches for this award are as follows: Internet Movie Database (1999, category: film): “I’m king of the World Wide Web.”
—The Onion (1999, category: humour): “Thank you, very, very much.” —Outside online (2000, category: travel): “Thank you. Now get outside.” Which award? What specific criteria are the speeches required to follow?
2. This businessman who was in the armament business was also the inventor of dynamite. What award is named after him?
3. These awards, a spoof of the awards in question two, are given for achievements/inventions that “first make people laugh, then make them think”. They are awarded by the scientific humour magazine Annals of Improbable Research. Which?
British automobiles
4. Which British automobile brand is named after this animal?
5. Which automobile company is named after these two people?
6. This company, founded in 1913, gets one part of its name from the name of its founder Lionel ____ and the other from the village and civil parish ____ Clinton in Buckinghamshire. Which company?
7. This product, launched by Google on 1 April 2004, was initially regarded with scepticism by people who thought it might be a fool’s day joke perpetrated by the company. Which now very popular product is this?
8. What service/product is named after the first name of a Turkish software engineer with the surname Buyukkokten?
9. This company, one of the first in the online media rep business, originated as Internet Advertising Network, and was started in 1995. It was renamed when it was acquired by Poppe Tyson in 1996. Google announced the acquisition of this company in 2007. Which company?
1. Webby awards. The acceptance speeches are to be ‘five words or less’.
2. Nobel Prize.
3. Ig Nobel Prize
4. Jaguar.
5. Rolls-Royce, from Charles Rolls and Henry Royce.
6. Aston Martin.
7. Gmail.
8. Orkut.
9. Doubleclick.
Prepared exclusively for Mint by Shamanth Rao
Write to us at businessquiz@livemint.com
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First Published: Sat, Feb 02 2008. 12 07 AM IST
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