Top television ads in May: Pepsi gets the party going

A Pepsi ad featuring two characters with animated faces attending a party topped the Mint-Ipsos-TVAdIndx survey of television commercials aired in May

The TVC topped both the ad reach index and the ad diagnostics index
The TVC topped both the ad reach index and the ad diagnostics index

A Pepsi ad featuring two characters with animated faces attending a party topped the Mint-Ipsos-TVAdIndx survey of television commercials (TVCs) aired in May. The ad, made by J Walter Thompson, promotes the Party Pepsi pack which offers buyers a shot at winning a trip to Ibiza and a music system.

The TVC topped both the ad reach index, which measures brand awareness and recall, and the ad diagnostics index, a gauge of softer features like believability, enjoyability and likeability.

A variant of the Pepsi ad, this one featuring three men with Smiley faces and plugging a chance to win laptops and smartphones plus the Paytm cash, shared the second spot with a TVC for Britannia Good Day starring cricketer Virender Sehwag. A commercial for Pizza Hut took the third spot and one for Dollar Bigboss men’s vests, featuring actor Akshay Kumar, the fourth spot.

The remaining spots too were taken by commercials for an eclectic bunch of consumer products. In fifth place was an ad for Maruti Suzuki’s Alto—the K10 and 800— “celebrating the first ride of 30 lakh families”. At sixth and seventh place were ads for the Vodafone SuperNet 4G network and the Micromax Canvas 6 series smartphone, respectively.

Interestingly, the Maruti Suzuki ad was the only one to score 100% on the measure of brand recall. The top, Pepsi, ad came a close second, with 99%. On the awareness measure, the Pepsi ad topped the chart with 84%. The Maruti Suzuki ad scored 58%.

The eighth place on the ad reach index was shared by three ads, for Lava smartphones, Bangur Cement and a variant of the Vodafone SuperNet 4G TVC. An ad showing a montage of Paytm customers making payments and transferring money using the app was in ninth place, tied with Kentucky Fried Chicken’s 5-in-1 Zinger meal box ad. Domino’s Pizza Mania Extremes took the last spot in the top 10.

There were no shared positions on the ad diagnostics index. The Pepsi ad at No.1 was followed by a commercial for Britannia Good Day Cashew-Kings XI Punjab at No.2 and the Pepsi Paytm app ad at No.3. TVCs for Dollar Bigboss, Pizza Hut, Lava smartphones, Maruti Suzuki Alto (K10 and 800), Vodafone SuperNet 4G, a variant of the Lava ad and KFC rounded off the index.

2. Britannia Good Day-Kings XI Punjab

Kings XI Punjab mentor Virender Sehwag is shown in a gym with three cricketers of the Indian Premier League team who are doing push-ups. Sehwag, who is counting, gets stuck on No.3. Confused, the players look towards him; he is busy admiring a packet of Britannia Good Day Nuts Cookie. The voice-over says No.3 reminds Sehwag of a cashew, pista, almond, 3-in-1 nuts cookie. The tag line: ‘It’s a smile that makes a good day!

2. Pepsi Paytm app

A boy is joined by two friends at a café. Their faces are depicted as emoticons. They admire his smartphone; he tells them he slogged to buy it. Then they point to his laptop. The boy says he won it in a Pepsi contest. A voice-over asks viewers to pick a “geek” Pepsi bottle and send the code on it via SMS to win smartphones and laptops. It adds that Rs.15 Paytm cash is assured with every bottle. The tag line: ‘Pepsi thi jeet gaya (I won thanks to a Pepsi)!’

3. Pizza Hut

The ad shows a woman and her son-in-law arguing in a Pizza Hut outlet. The mother-in-law says, “I’m pure veg. Sirf Tuesday ko hi nahi (not only on Tuesdays).” The son-in-law remarks, “I’m strict non-veg. Especially on Tuesdays.” The voice-over suggests: “Ladte raho par ek saath order karo (keep fighting but order together).” It also tells you that if you order two pan pizzas, you will have to pay only Rs.199 for each. The tag line: “Rs.199. Any. When you buy two.”

4. Dollar Bigboss

Actor Akshay Kumar, who is practising martial arts, stops to drink water. A man challenges him to a fight for the water bottle. Kumar says he will get the bottle without even touching him. He takes off his shirt—he’s wearing a Dollar Bigboss vest—jumps and breaks a wooden plank that hits the challenger. The other man is taken by surprise, and the bottle slips from his hand. Kumar catches it. A girl tells the challenger no one should mess with someone who is wearing a Dollar vest. The tag line: ‘Fit hai boss.’

5. Maruti Suzuki Alto

A musical ad shows children piggybacking on their parents. A voice-over says: “India ki pehli sawaari—Alto is celebrating the first ride of 30 lakh families.” The tag line: ‘Way of life!’

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