Winning over sceptics, naturally

Winning over sceptics, naturally
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First Published: Sun, Jul 15 2007. 11 58 PM IST
Updated: Sun, Jul 15 2007. 11 58 PM IST
Hindustan Unilever Ltd’s new television commercial for Rin Advanced has been voted the best in Mint’s monthly ad survey. Created by JWT India’s national creative director Agnello Dias and senior creative director Kainaz Karmakar, it features actor Boman Irani as a consumer who is sceptical about everything—from the freshness of the fish being sold to him to the effectiveness of the detergent. He is finally pulled up short by a boy, who pulls out a shade card to prove the detergent’s claims of providing extra whiteness.
Karmakar talks about the making of the ad.
What was the client’s brief for this campaign?
For the first time in India, a company was introducing a shade card that could prove the claims of its product. The challenge was to let the consumers know that the company wasn’t just making tall claims. Lightning white now had striking proof!
How did the team zero in on this campaign?
There weren’t very many alternatives that we discussed. The brief was clear: a known brand was being introduced in a new improved formulation and the company was providing a shade card to test its effectiveness. We used both the campaigns we worked on.
The first is what you see on television, which features Boman Irani as a sceptical consumer who is always wary of tall claims. The other campaign, which has been used extensively in the outdoor medium, has tag lines such as “Bus mein seat mile na mile, safedi ka saboot zaroor milega (You might not get a seat in the bus, but you will surely get proof of whiteness)” or “Mumbai mein flat mile ya na mile (You might not get a flat in Mumbai, but)...”
These are issues that any Indian, especially someone who stays in a city such as Mumbai, can relate to.
What promted you to choose Boman Irani?
When we planned the campaign, the character was supposed to be played by a regular model. But Dias thought an actor such as Boman Irani would bring the character of a sceptical consumer to life. And in many ways, he has.
Irani did a fabulous job in reflecting the eternal scepticism that is present in all of us. We, as consumers, are constantly wondering if someone is trying to cheat us, and Irani has played that part beautifully.
This also led to very high recall for the brand as well as the advertisement.
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First Published: Sun, Jul 15 2007. 11 58 PM IST
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