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First Published: Mon, Jun 18 2007. 02 56 PM IST

Updated: Mon, Jun 18 2007. 02 56 PM IST
There’s no formula for an advertisement’s success. It could be the star factor or just a good idea. Whether it is De Beer’s Nakshatra flick, starring actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, or a play on an old Bollywood number in the Fiat Palio Stile’s promo, the success of a campaign depends on how effectively it captures the attention of the consumer.
To measure this, Mint’s monthly survey evalutes advertisements on brand recall and awareness, besides parameters of credibility. Responses are then collated on all these criteria to arrive at the top rankings. Conducted by Synovate, a global market research agency, supported by TV Ad Indx, an ad monitoring firm, the survey covered 750 respondents in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, in the 18-40 age group.
Brand:Fiat Palio Stile
Agency: Orchard Advertising/Leo Burnett/BCOM3
The ad plays on the popularity of an old Bollywood number, Mere sapno ki rani, which had been set in a scene where a car runs parallel to a train. The new twist is that the girl listens to the song on an iPod. The catchline: Fun time reloaded.
Brand:Nokia N95
Agency: Bates India/Cordiant Communications/WPP Group
To highlight the plethora of features of these handsets, the promo shows the odds and ends that come out of pockets, including a pin, rings, a paper bird and a stone. The tagline: There’s a thing in my pocket. But it’s not one thing, it’s many.
Brand:Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
The ad showcases the dancing skills of actor Hrithik Roshan. Spun around its catchy line, “I love the thump”, the advertisement shows Roshan dancing with people from across the world, to music played on the Walkman phone.
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
A slick action flick shows a female agent drop from a helicopter onto a trailer carrying a Logan, to spy on the features that make India’s first wide body car so special. Her work done, the Logan proves irresistible, and she decides to drive the car away.
Brand:ABN AmroOne
Agency: Publicis India
This ad takes the brand’s catchline, “Cashback for a lifetime”, a step further. Dacoits, finding only a brand’s credit card on a train passenger, decide to give him some money instead. The tagline: Cash back everywhere, every time.
Brand:Dabur Real/Orange
Agency: Lowe Lintas/Interpublic Group/IPG
Shot at a fort, the ad film shows various people plying a child with orange juice in an attempt to keep him occupied and out of their hair. “Want more, slurp more,” says the ad. It plays on the exotic locale and strikes a chord in the tourist season.
Brand:Mother Dairy Chillz
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
The ad shows a basketball game between physically challenged and able-bodied players. After the match, two men in wheelchairs enjoy ice cream cones. One of them then gets up and walks alongside the other. It’s the goodness inside, says the voice-over.
Brand:Mentos Candy
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather/WPP Group
Another in the ‘Dimaag ki batti jala de’ series, it shows a boy walking in late at a concert with squelching shoes and drawing public ire. In the Mentos replay, he decides to walk next to another guest, thus deflecting the audience’s disapproval.
Brand:MRF Zapper
Agency: Lowe Lintas/Interpublic Group/IPG
A man at a road repair site watches horrified as a couple on a bike speed towards a crumbling patch on the road. The bike, however, manages to negotiate the cracks with inches to spare. A nice play on the tyre’s grip with the line, “Get a grip”.
Brand:Titan Fastrack Eye Gear
Agency: Lowe Lintas/Interpublic Group /IPG
The ad works on the idea that the product turns the wearer into a hero. Actor John Abraham walks into a market and puts on his sunshades. Girls cling to him, screaming for help, but stop and walk away when he removes his eyewear.
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First Published: Mon, Jun 18 2007. 02 56 PM IST
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