Skyfall is the first social media Bond movie

The dynamics of promoting a movie have changed now thanks to the advent of social media, digital
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First Published: Thu, Nov 01 2012. 04 15 PM IST
This film image released by Sony Pictures shows Daniel Craig, left, and Javier Bardem in a scene from the film “Skyfall.” Bardem portrays, Raoul Silva, one of the finest arch-enemies in the 50-year history of Bond films. Francois Duhamel/AP/Sony Pictures
This film image released by Sony Pictures shows Daniel Craig, left, and Javier Bardem in a scene from the film “Skyfall.” Bardem portrays, Raoul Silva, one of the finest arch-enemies in the 50-year history of Bond films. Francois Duhamel/AP/Sony Pictures
Updated: Fri, Nov 02 2012. 12 37 AM IST
Stand tall and face it all. That’s what netizens across the globe are doing as Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie, opens in India on 1 November following its worldwide release on 23 October. And bowing to the digital wave, the film’s makers and marketers have been running online contests and promos. For its London premier, Sony Pictures had incorporated the social media into its overall campaign running across Britain.
Social media marketing has been one of the keys to promote the film online. There is of course an official James Bond Twitter account and a Facebook page which has 99,896 followers and 13,20,307 likes respectively. Strangely, the official Skyfall page has only about 28,649 but no official Twitter handle for the movie. It is being promoted through the James Bond handle. Both the pages share content like premier pictures, behind the scene videos, Bond’s 50 year celebration, movie review and related news. Similar approach is being followed on their Twitter handle.
A Screenshot of the official James Bond Facebook page.
In a sense, Skyfall is the first Bond movie for the social media era. This is reflected in the portrayal of the character Q played by Ben Wishaw who is a young computer hacker in the movie. He tells Bond, “I can do more damage on my laptop in my pyjamas than you can do in a year in the field.”
In fact, Wishaw compares himself to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. “I think the writers did a brilliant job of finding this Mark Zuckerberg, computer hacker, genius person who feels sort of familiar to us now in our culture. That’s where so much of our lives happen now, on the internet and cyberspace,” he says in a Digital Spy report.
Over the last one month Skyfall has generated over 1.5 million mentions. According to Cision, a social media analytics company, the mentions saw a surge on three occasions. First, on 5 October when singer Adele released the official song for Skyfall, which was also the global James Bond day. Second, on 23 October the night of the royal premier. And lastly on 26 October when the movie opened in the UK.
A lot of brands are piggy backing on the movie for promotions either through tie-ups, product placement or digital campaigns. Brands like Omega Watches, Tom Ford, Aston Martin, Visit Britain, Coca Cola, Heinken, Sony Electronics and many other are part of the movie. So, it is very obvious that some of the best digital campaigns have come from these brands.
The grab of Visit Britain’s digital campaign called Agent UK
For instance, Heinken, the beer brand released a campaign called ‘Crack the Case’ in the form of a Facebook app starring Daniel Craig and new Bond girl Berenice Marlohe. For this visitors didn’t need to connect to Facebook or upload a picture but were kept occupied for 3-4 minutes while they were told to perform various tasks to reach the end of the adventure. Subsequently they were pushed to another mobile app game which called Heinken Spysight to continue the game and complete each level in 30 seconds. The app isn’t working any more.
Beverage major Coca Cola ratcheted up the tempo online with a sleek marketing stunt, a mix of interactive and ambient marketing. It was called ‘Unlock the 007’ in you, and the winners got tickets to the Skyfall premier.
The Honda Cars UK contest.
Visit Britain, the official tourism department of UK ran a digital campaign called ‘Agent UK’ that leads visitors through five online missions to find the hidden location of a rogue agent. The winner stands a chance to win a luxury trip to the UK and live it like Agent 007.
Honda Cars UK, which is present in the movie through a bike used by James Bond, has also released a Facebook campaign where it is sharing behind-the-scenes footage and images. The Facebook tab gives details about the bike used in the movie, a modified Honda CRF250R and also redirects users to its Twitter page @Honda_UK. It is a question-based contest which gives three winners a Bond Experience weekend.
The Mosaic app on the James Bond official site.
If you are an ultimate James Bond fan, here’s an official app from the franchise which lets you download 105 James Bond 50 years of movie poster. Available on iTunes for $4.99, it includes rare, unpublished posters from world over from every Bond film.
The franchise also has an app on its official site where you can be a part of a James Bond mosaic. It is constructed by using the real photos of Bond fans uploaded by them. After uploading your own photo, you can search for it and share it on Facebook and Twitter.
Older Bonds also get their few minutes of fame with a 007 Legends video game. The storyline of the game is inspired by the five classic Bond films - Moonraker, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Die Another Day, Licence to Kill, and Goldfinger. A sixth mission based on Skyfall, will also be available post launch as downloadable content. It is an out and out action game where you get state-of-the-art spy gadgets and an arsenal of weapons, exotic locations and a tense situation to keep you busy. It is available for pre-order here.
Royal Intelligence Services Officer mock exam.
The most fascinating piece is the official teaser available at where you can actually feel like a secret agent. It is a simulated interface of the Royal Intelligence Services which takes you to a British Intelligence Officer exam comprising of 5 sections. This is the ultimate one as it really gives you a feel of how it is like to be an agent with Mi6.
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First Published: Thu, Nov 01 2012. 04 15 PM IST
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