Top of the Mind Ad Survey |11 ads liked by all but Zoozoos win the day

Top of the Mind Ad Survey |11 ads liked by all but Zoozoos win the day
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First Published: Mon, Jun 22 2009. 08 20 PM IST

Updated: Mon, Jun 22 2009. 08 20 PM IST
That the Zoozoos rule ad rankings this time comes as no surprise. Vodafone’s Zoozoos, which first aired during the IPL broadcast, take the No. 1, 2 and 3 positions, as well as the No. 9 spot, in the Mint-Synovate-TVAdIndx survey that rates advertisements released between mid-April and end-May.
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While the Vodafone ad on beauty alerts was rated the best on-air advertisement, with a score of 90 on the ad reach index and brand recall of 100%, the ad reach index score of the Vodafone ad at No. 2 was a tad lower at 86. Both scored 90% on awareness in the survey, which gathers the voices of 750 consumers across New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.
The question now is, what next from Vodafone? According to our expert Santosh Desai, given the strategy of so many creative units in such a short period of time, this campaign can fade relatively quickly. Will the Zoozoos come back with some new antics?
With Vodafone sweeping the first three positions, rival cellphone service providers have been forced down the ladder—Airtel is at No. 4, Idea at No. 5 and Aircel at No. 6, with ad reach index scores of 78, 68 and 65, respectively. These three brands used celebrities such as R. Madhavan, Vidya Balan, Abhishek Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, but clearly, Zoozoos were able to connect better with viewers.
Taking the No. 7 position and scoring 65 on the ad reach index is the 7Up ad which features music director Bappi Lahiri and his legendary fondness for gold. The commercial is different, says Dentsu Marcom’s executive creative director Titus Upputuru, as it does not exhort viewers to “Ye wish karo, woh ditch karo” (Wish for this, ditch that).
The ad diagnostics chart, which rates TV commercials on likeability, enjoyment, claims and believability, throws up a surprise this time. Eleven of the top 15 ads on this list score a perfect 100 on the likeability index. Vodafone, Max New York Life, ICICI Bank, Dermi Cool and Yamaha Alba take the top six positions on the list, all with an ad diagnostics score of 98. The Max New York Life ad is the only one that gets another 100 on the enjoyment index. Desai, too, praises the ad, saying “the idea of the retiree-as-errant-teenager is executed with such honesty that it makes the fantasy truly believable”.
Ogilvy and Mather
A young Zoozoo goes into a room in its house and comes out screaming. The elder sibling accompanies it the next time round. Both come out screaming. They then take their mother along; all three come out screaming. Turns out the father is reclining in a chair, face covered with a beauty mask. The tag line: Beauty alerts at Rs30/month.
Ogilvy and Mather
A child Zoozoo is playing with a rattle when an adult Zoozoo disturbs it. The child gets irritated and asks the adult Zoozoo to stop. When it refuses to pay heed, the child Zoozoo whistles up its friends, who beat up the adult Zoozoo. The tag line: Message your friends at one go.
BBDO India
Music director Bappi Lahiri talks about his love for gold. He wants to add golden lemons, being offered by 7Up, to his collection. The tag line: Look for golden lemons under the 7Up crown and win seven golden lemons.
Rediffusion Y & R
Actors R. Madhavan and Vidya Balan go camping. Balan asks Madhavan to read her horoscope from the newspaper. He decides to get it on his mobile. Balan asks him to read out his horoscope; he stops the service abruptly. The tag line: Start or stop any Airtel service. No interruption in love.
Actor Juhi Chawla is shown visiting families where at least one member is a misfit. For example, a thin man in a family of body builders. But they make a complete family. The tag line: ‘Tedha hai, par mera hai’ (It’s quirky, but it’s mine).
Lowe Worldwide
Actor Abhishek Bachchan is standing in front of a mirror, practising how he will talk to cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and impress him. But when he calls Tendulkar, he is just another star-struck fan. The tag line: Talk to Mumbai Indians.
Ogilvy and Mather
A male Zoozoo follows a female Zoozoo—around the pyramids in Egypt, the Statue of Liberty in the US and Eiffel Tower in Paris—trying to impress her. The tag line: Roam with ease across the world. Economical roaming packs from Vodafone.
Ogilvy and Mather
A Zoozoo teases a crocodile with its mobile phone. Every time the angry crocodile lurches forward, the Zoozoo backs off and laughs hysterically. The crocodile finally swallows the Zoozoo. The phone, which has fallen in the process, starts ringing. The tag line: Can’t take calls? Set a busy message.
Dentsu Communications
Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni is driving a bike. The message: Even if you are in a strange place and want to listen to music, you can. For, the Aircel Pocket Internet on his mobile can search and download songs from the Web. The tag line: It’s time to move on.
Percept Ltd
At a traffic light, youngsters in a jeep make fun of a biker, believing his machine will stall when the light goes green. But the biker is confident—his Hero Honda has a power-start engine. The tag line: ‘Ab sirf style bolega’ (Now, only style will speak).
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First Published: Mon, Jun 22 2009. 08 20 PM IST