Spinning a virtual yarn to sell a hatchback

Spinning a virtual yarn to sell a hatchback
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First Published: Mon, Jan 19 2009. 08 48 PM IST

Updated: Mon, Jan 19 2009. 08 48 PM IST
Brand: Tata Indica Vista
Campaign: Changes Everything
Target Audience: 25-plus age group, especially young professionals
Agency: Draftfcb+Ulka Advertising Pvt. Ltd
What they did: T at a Mo tors Ltd launched a website called Changeseverything.in in December to promote Tata Indica Vista, the new version of its car brand Indica, among young executives.
The website carries an episodic graphic novel that tells the story of two virtual characters, Andy and Leela. The two meet at an Indica Vista showroom and fall in love. The website does not give any specifics of the car but weaves the product into the love story.
The agency has also used the social networking site Facebook to create an application that allows the user to add inputs to the story.
A contest will follow where the person who brings the best twist to the Andy-Leela tale will be declared the winner. A viral video was also developed and circulated among Internet users in the target group.
How they did it: “The new Indica Vista redefines a hatchback experience and it literally ‘changes everything’ about your general impression of a hatchback,” says Satish Ramachandran, vice-president, Draftfcb+Ulka. “So, we wanted to take that thought forward and create a dialogue with potential consumers and social media was the most effective way to go about it.”
The agency developed a storyline with two characters who had strong yet different personalities. The car plays a vital role in taking the story forward. The novel took four months to process— right from the script to the images.
Since the concept was fairly new, the company first did a test run among select users before going live on 1 December. It plans to make the website a long-term user-generated portal where people can engage in discussions while taking the story of Leela and Andy forward.
What the experts say: “Most US marketers (Indian trends have a time lag of about five years from the US) now admit to spending 50% of budget online, so this is a welcome sign for Indian advertising,” says Kiran Khalap, co-founder, Chlorophyll Brand and Communications Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, a marketing consultancy firm.
“While I agree on the technical aspects (of the campaign), I am not so sure of the strategic message because it’s not clear why the Vista changes everything. Too much of commodity appeal rather than brand,” says Khalap. However, as the attempts get more sophisticated, Vista will gain significant traction for allowing its customers to collaborate on the idea that lies behind the brand, says Khalap.
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First Published: Mon, Jan 19 2009. 08 48 PM IST