On the Spot | The bottom of the barrel

On the Spot | The bottom of the barrel
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First Published: Sun, Jul 27 2008. 10 48 PM IST

Updated: Sun, Jul 27 2008. 10 48 PM IST
The proposition is new and clever
Sahara Life Insurance (click here for picture)
Hakuhodo Percept
A category from hell when it comes to delivering anything remotely memorable and interesting. Here, the common-man-armed-with-peanuts-taking-on-Gabbar representation works because it is charming in concept and authentic in execution. The proposition, too, is clever and mildly new. The actor is the new Mungerilal/Wagle, and does well as usual. Of course, this is a category where trust is everything, and being called Sahara might make the job of any ad, however clever, just a wee bit uphill.
Nothing new, but still watchable
Okay, this is where scraping sounds from the bottom of the barrel begin to emerge. This is a watchable ad, helped immensely by the very effective Juhi Chawla and a cast of energetic performers, even if this kind of work has become very common nowadays. Kurkure has, over a period of time, created a brand world full of boisterous good cheer, and this ad continues to build on that. Nothing new here, but enough infectious energy to keep one watching.
Simply, and honestly executed
Ogilvy and Mather
The bottom of the barrel; not because this is a bad ad, but simply because it is another in a long line of ads that speaks in exactly the same voice. Also because I am just tired of picking a Vodafone commercial every month. This is by no means the best of the series, but in a month where creative imagination seems to have migrated to Cannes, this shines with its simplicity and honesty of execution.
Bad in a ho-hum, insipid way
Colgate MaxFresh (click here for picture)
Rediffusion-Dentsu, Young and Rubicam
Now, here is the rub. In a month where one sees such little good work, one should have been rubbing one’s hands in glee at the prospect of unleashing all the sarcasm one could summon. However, that is not to be, for the bulk of the work is bad in a ho-hum, insipid way. Talking about these advertisements —even thinking about them — is tiring (what can one say about a Katrina-Veet advertisement or sundry LG ads that can keep anyone awake?).
My vote for Turkey of the Month goes to Colgate MaxFresh for reworking the man-overwhelms-female-cop-with-the -irresistible-sexiness-of-his-breath routine. The female cop in blue is a recurring advertising character with absolutely no roots in local reality, and is used in an utterly lazy way by all manner of brands. Colgate, whose advertising strategy is to resolutely avoid doing anything interesting at all costs, succeeds this time too. Congratulations!
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First Published: Sun, Jul 27 2008. 10 48 PM IST