Break the bias, says Titan Raga’s new ad

The new film, #BreaktheBias, is a subtle yet potent narrative about the way the world looks at a woman’s success

A screen grab from Titan Raga’s new ad
A screen grab from Titan Raga’s new ad

Mumbai: The latest advertisement for Titan’s Raga watches by Ogilvy & Mather India Ltd. leaves a lot open to interpretation. And therein lies its beauty.

The latest television commercial for the brand opens in a board room. Directors and senior executives are busy with annual evaluations and appraisals of their employees. One of the executives reads a name on the recommended list and makes a comment, “Kiran, recommended by Rajat. Obviously.” This statement piques everyone’s curiosity, and they lighten up at the prospect of hearing more about Kiran.

The executive obliges by describing Kiran as a young promising fresher who has won Rajat’s trust. He adds that Rajat and Kiran share a great working relationship so much so, that they come in to work early, leave late and even spend the weekends immersed in work. At this point, everyone in the room is exchanging glances and smirking predictably—letting their thoughts get ahead of themselves as they imagine a relationship between a charismatic male boss and his charming female protégé. Everything they hear leads them to believe Kiran and Rajat have a strong chemistry between them—the probable reason for her snagging the recommendation, in the first place.

Their curiosity suitably piqued, the senior directors ask to meet Kiran. The call is made. And to everyone’s shock and, perhaps, dismay, a man turns up at the door.

The realization drives home the point that our thoughts are so clouded by preconceived notions and gender biases, that of all the things attributed to a woman’s success, hard work is at the bottom of the list.

The new film, #BreaktheBias, is a subtle yet potent narrative about the way the world looks at a woman’s success. The film ends with Titan Raga saluting the rising success of women despite these odds and asks viewers to change the way they look at a woman’s success.

“Titan Raga has always been at the forefront of challenging stereotypes. A woman’s success at the workplace is still viewed with prejudice, based on her personality and appearance. With this film, we encourage men and women alike, to break the mould of perception and pave the way for women to be recognized for who they really are and applaud their terrific contributions,” said Sirish Chandrashekhar, head of marketing, Titan Watches.

Explaining the thought process behind the campaign, Tithi Ghosh, senior vice-president, Ogilvy Advertising (South), said, “Women in the workforce have to be extra cautious about how they act and appear because any slip can lead to a quick dismissal of their abilities and skills. A woman’s softer skills will be viewed with suspicion while the man having the same drinks and late nights will be rewarded with a pat on the back for being a team player. At a time when gender equality is a raging issue, we felt this prejudice that working women encounter from time to time could be an issue the brand puts under the scanner. This film hopes to challenge gender stereotypes at workplaces and begin a dialogue for change,” she said.

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