Top of the mind

Top of the mind
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First Published: Mon, Apr 23 2007. 03 14 AM IST

Updated: Mon, Apr 23 2007. 03 14 AM IST
Advertisements are not just about creating an aspiration to buy a car or a cola or selling something as a solution to a problem.
Commercials are far more complex and we need to make sense of the process that makes brands powerful and often enduring.
Mint presents the third edition of “Top of the mind”, a monthly survey that analyses television commercials on different parameters.
Conducted by Synovate, a global market research agency, and supported by TV Ad Indx, an advertisement monitoring firm, the survey covered 750 respondents in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. All respondents were between 18 and 40 years of age, and came from high-income households that had access to cable and satellite television. The survey was based on both unaided (see listing titled Ad-venture Trip) and aided (Brand Parade) brand recallers.
This time we also have an interview with ad man Prasoon Joshi of McCann Erickson, the man behind the top recall advert—Coca-Cola. Enjoy!
Brand: Airtel/National
Agency: Rediffusion-Dentsu, Y&R
Nothing works better than emotions—a boy reaches his grandparents’ village much to the elderly couple’s suprise, connects his father to his grandfather through an Airtel mobile. The estranged son apologizes and the couple gets emotional and shed happy tears.
Brand: Pepsi ICC Cricket World Cup
Agency: JWT
The ad draws on the catchline Ladega toh jeetega/Ho ha India, aaya India. A boy snatches a bottle of Pepsi from Sachin and runs away. The crowd challenges Sachin and his team to take it back. The players search through the crowd, and get transformed into tigers on the field.
Brand: Thums Up
Agency: Leo Burnett
This ad shows daredevil Akshay Kumar prepared to do anything for a bottle of Thums Up. Kumar sees a Thums Up van on a bridge far away and jumps over several buildings to reach the van. He takes out a bottle of Thums Up from the moving van and returns home to drink from his newly acquired possession.
Brand: Santro Xing eRLX
Agency: Innocean Worldwide
Actors Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta arrive at a Hyundai motor showroom on a motorcycle and dream about owning a Santro car. Against the jingle, Ek haseen khwab hai, the couple is shown driving a Santro, while some people on the street admire their new car for its style and power.
Brand: Wrigley’s Orbit White
Agency: Grey Worldwide
A refreshing creative where an animal specialist, Dr Bhatavadekar, talks about how yellow teeth can be a great turn off. Even grass stays away from the cow that has yellow teeth. So, the doc gives it Orbit and the cow’s teeth turn white and shine. The grass, impressed with the white teeth, jumps into the cow’s mouth.
Brand: Sprite
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
A man in search of truth meets a spiritual master. The guru tells him that the path is difficult and makes him go through rigorous drills including counting stones in the valley and standing on one leg. Still, his thirst for truth is not quenched. He feels thirsty and the guru gives him Sprite and he understands the meaning of truth.
Brand: Mountain Dew
Agency: JWT
This ad takes forward its catchline, Darr ke aage jeet hai. Two men take a short cut to win a race, but feel scared when they see the difficult path down a mountain. They decide to overcome fear by drinking Mountain Dew and race down the mountain. The men win the race because they could overcome their fear.
Brand: Hutch/National
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Size matters and this Hutch advert brings forth the point for its pre-paid cards in three talk sizes—small, medium and large. The ad shows a man in a car seeking directions. He asks three people for directions and they all do it differently. One guy speaks little, while one speaks too much—to the point of irritation.
Brand: Pepsi Gold
Agency: JWT
The Pepsi Gold commercial makes an effort to capture the spirit and frenzy of a cricket-loving nation. The commercial shows a huge crowd surging towards a cricket stadium carrying large cut-outs of letters—Ho Ha India, Aaya India. With these cut-outs, they form the three words, ‘World Cup Cola’.
Brand: Mirinda Sorbet
Agency: JWT
Zayed Khan, lost in the taste of Mirinda Sorbet, keeps walking with eyes closed, oblivious to his surroundings. He spills orange paint on the pavement and a man slips on the paint and topples a ladder and a clothes line. Khan is so lost in the smooth taste of the drink that he doesn’t even realize what chaos he has created.
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First Published: Mon, Apr 23 2007. 03 14 AM IST
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