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Diwali’s the time for devices

A look at the top six gadgets on every techie’s wish list this festive season
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First Published: Mon, Oct 29 2012. 06 44 PM IST
iPod Touch 5th Generation
iPod Touch 5th Generation
Updated: Thu, Nov 08 2012. 09 02 PM IST
Diwali is around the corner and most companies try and launch gadgets this time of the year to capitalize on the “gifting” season. It’s a good time to update gadgets, for you can get good deals on gizmos, from a new TV to a smartphone.
We’ve already seen announcements and launches from the likes of Sony and Philips, and there are also some highly anticipated products making their way to the market soon. Take a look at some of these cool new tech toys:
u Nexus 7
Co-developed by Google and Asus, the Nexus 7 is the fastest-selling Android tablet right now; and it’s available in India now. While it’s a budget tablet compared to the iPad, Google has added some powerful hardware, which explains why it’s so popular.
Bang for your buck: Despite the announcement of the new iPad Mini and the Nexus 10, the Nexus 7 remains the tablet to get, with a great blend of performance and portability. If the Nexus doesn’t really catch your fancy though, you should consider buying the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Samsung’s “phablet” is big enough to use as a tablet, yet makes for a good phone with amazing battery life. It’s available for Rs.37,500 and you don’t need a separate phone with it.
When: Out now
Price: Rs.19,900
u Sony Personal 3D Viewer HMZ-T2
The HMZ-T2 is Sony’s latest wearable display—it’s a large helmet with a pair of high-resolution screens right in front of your eyes. The effect is impressive, and coupled with 5.1 surround sound, promises great immersion. The set can display video from any device capable of HDMI output—to demonstrate, Sony had connected the viewer to a PlayStation 3 console, and the gaming experience was extremely impressive. The only drawback is the weight—at just over 600g, it can get a little uncomfortable after some time.
Bang for your buck: There’s simply nothing like this right now. It’s an expensive screen which only one person can use, but particularly for 3D content, the quality is unmatched. There are drawbacks; it’s heavy, and in some people, causes disorientation. It’s early days for this kind of technology in the consumer space, but early adopters shouldn’t miss this. If you want something lighter, you can also try the Epson Moverio BT-100, out now for Rs.42,900. It has poorer image quality, but was much more comfortable to use, and is highly portable.
When: Mid-November
Price: Rs.69,990
u Sony BRAVIA KD-84X9000
This is the first 4K resolution TV from Sony that will be available in India—the screen runs at four times the resolution of present HDTVs, so the 84-inch screen looks amazing. It’s honestly as clear as the view from your window. Since there is very little 4K content available, the TV can upscale HD content to play at high resolution, and it also has a 10-unit speaker system. The effect is very impressive, though this is clearly for a few people only.
Bang for your buck: The 4K technology is completely new, and content is very hard to come by. Only early adopters who must have the latest should buy this right now—for everyone else, the LG 72LM9500 3D LED Smart TV, available for Rs.7 lakh, is a better pick.
When: Mid-November
Price: Rs16,99,990
u Philips FWP3200D/05
Philips has released a lot of iPod/iPhone docks recently, but the FWP3200D/05 or, more simply, the DJ Party Machine, is one of the more unique offerings in the category. Instead of functioning as a traditional speaker dock, this device can dock two iPhones at the same time. A free app loads automatically, and the system can play music from your phone, or let you mix, scratch, fade and swap tunes, just like a real DJ Station. In case that’s not enough, there’s also dynamic lighting that shifts with the beat.
Bang for your buck: The DJ Party Machine is a fairly unique speaker dock, and the audio quality is fantastic, considering the price. If you’re looking for the best dock though, consider another set of speakers from Philips, the Fidelio DS9000, a wooden speaker with fantastic sound, available for Rs.38,999.
When: 12 November
Price: Rs.34,990
u iPod Touch 5th Generation
The iPhone 5 got all the attention during Apple’s announcement in September, but the update that the iPod Touch received is arguably much bigger than the jump from the iPhone 4S. The new iPod Touch benefits from a much more powerful processor, a hugely improved camera, and a bigger and sharper screen. It’s got almost everything you liked about the iPhone, as long as you don’t want to make calls.
Bang for your buck: The new iPod Touch definitely ups the ante, and if you don’t want to spend the money on an iPhone 5 while still taking advantage of the iOS ecosystem, this is your best bet. In fact, the fourth-generation iPod Touch still offers great value, and unless you’re keen on playing 3D games, or taking too many photos on your MP3 player, we’d suggest going for that instead. At Rs.15,900, it’s great value for money.
When: Out now
Price: Rs.23,900
u iPhone 5
Whether the iPhone 5 is the best smartphone on the market or not is debatable—but it’s safe to call it one of the most anticipated. With a new super-thin body (7.6mm), 4-inch screen and, of course, more powerful components, the iPhone 5 is an attractive phone well worth considering.
Bang for your buck: While there’s little on the market to compete directly with the iPhone 5, a new range of Windows Phone 8 devices is expected to reach the market in a few weeks, and it’s looking promising. If you’re keen to buy an Apple product though, then consider the iPhone 4S. It won’t be obsolete for some time yet as Apple has a history of supporting older devices with software updates. And with the price now cut to Rs.38,500, it’s a pretty good deal.
When: Out now
Price: Rs.44,850
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First Published: Mon, Oct 29 2012. 06 44 PM IST
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