De-clutter your kitchen

De-clutter your kitchen
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First Published: Thu, Apr 12 2007. 12 11 AM IST
Updated: Thu, Apr 12 2007. 12 11 AM IST
Nothing kills culinary creativity more than stepping into a kitchen where everything is everywhere and nothing where it should be. You don’t need more storage space to solve the problem, just a few tips to make your kitchen tidy and keep it that way.
Sort through:Only 20% of the appliances in your kitchen are used 80% of the time. The rest is junk that you should get rid of—gift or donate these. You may have paid a whopping sum for a particular gadget, but you’re better off without it if you never use it—it’s just taking up precious space.
Stack, don’t spread:Instead of arranging things horizontally in the cabinet or on the counter, use plastic or wicker baskets to stack these vertically. You could double the space for dishes, pots and pans by installing wire shelves in the cabinet or cupboards. The drawers can also be divided vertically to store jars and cake pans. In lower cabinets, place things in a Lazy Susan. A simple spin puts everything within reach, saving you time and the bother of searching for these.
Cool notes:You could use magnetic clips on the refrigerator door to stick notes, lists, takeaway menus and bills. This would, to a large extent, free your kitchen table from chits and extra paper. Of course, you must remember to throw away old lists regularly.
Hang on:Use hooks and holders on doors to display small kitchen utensils, cutlery, paper plates, napkins and so on. Keep the utensils that you use regularly in a rack nailed to the wall.
Free table:Do not display photographs or keep books, magazines or jars of ingredients on the tabletop or counter. You need the free space for cutting, chopping and mixing ingredients.
Hide and seek:Use hidden spaces to perfection. A basket under the sink could hold items that you do not use every day and a row of hooks at the side of cabinets can be used to hang coffee mugs.
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First Published: Thu, Apr 12 2007. 12 11 AM IST
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