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Readers write

Readers write
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First Published: Thu, Mar 08 2007. 12 35 AM IST
Updated: Thu, Mar 08 2007. 12 35 AM IST
Pink newspapers have been the bane of our relationship as my husband is mesmerized more by the beauty of the pink spreadsheets than me! This is clear from the fact that his days start with the pink pages and the nights end with them as well. When the promos for the WSJ were announced I was at my wits’ end as I felt I could not tolerate one more pink paper in the house.
But the day it landed, in a cute shape and in pristine white glory, christened Mint instead of WSJ, I was attracted for the first time to a business paper. Leafing through its pages I have fallen in love with it, as for a housewife like myself the jargons and nuances of the market have been simplified. This paper has made me an inquisitive reader. Now my husband also has started acknowledging my awareness of business and economics, which he used to make fun of. And the best part is Lounge on Saturday, which adds icing to the cake. Now it is rather my day and not my husband’s that starts with the pink paper, becasue he is allowed to read it only after I have finished with it. Keep up the good work and you would find more like me getting enticed by the aroma of Mint Street.
Suman Rai
Mint. I guess no other word would have been able to capture the essence of what the paper carries in its weekly and weekend (Lounge) editions. To start with, a strange name that makes the task of conveying detailed information in a crisp manner to the reader, even more difficult, but you guys do it really well! Kudos! I have been waiting for a paper that starts the revolution of eliminating the Page 3 element that every newspaper carries and, getting real news. I have found it here. I have found a paper that defies convention and brings a refreshing, new feel to the whole idea of enjoying and gaining from what you read. Thanks for bringing sense back into writing.
Nikhil Jagtiani
via livemint.com
Congratulations on an impressive first issue. And please convey to Niranjan Rajadhyaksha my compliments on his statement of principles. What a difference from the 1980s when I was travelling in India and caused a stir and outrage when I wrote an editorial for the WSJ on Rajiv Gandhi’s tax cut ideas, headlined “Rajiv Reagan.”
Paul Gigot
New York
The infant named Mint was in my hands yesterday. And I don’t think words can convey what I felt when we went through it—it’s outstanding, both in terms of its appeal and content. The layout and colour combination give it a very fresh look. The reader is compelled to spend a few minutes on each of the well-presented stories. Fantastic clutter management too! Mint is stunning, fresh and brilliant.
S. Yesudas
Having read the edit note “In Defence of Freedom”, I appreciate the view of your paper. If the editorial and managing staff continue with this attitude, it would really be a great service to journalism. Someone needs to take an aggressive stand on several issues since no form of media today seems to be free from playing with the news. So it becomes all the more important to be correctly informed. I wish you all the best in your efforts to bring about this awareness among policymakers and the public, that would definitely bring about a much-needed change.
Kavita Pasricha
Today, when the new business daily from HT Media, Mint, was delivered at our home, I found it to be handy and easy to navigate. Striking features are Quickscan on page 2, the index of companies and index of people. Categorizing the Stocks as per their industry classification (page 16) is useful as it provides the industry P/E ratio too. Such industry-wise classification will be very useful. I have now started realizing that the subscription coupons that my wife took for Mint was not an expenditure but will prove to be an investment which will enrich us with not just business, but entertainment, health and parenting tips.
Ashok R and Gayathri E
At the outset, let me congratulate you and your entire team for the excellent publication Mint, which is of mint quality. It has excellent production values and strong editorial content. Just a few words that came into my head this morning when I first saw the paper which I am sharing with you:
HT’s Mint
Has given a hint
Of what is to follow
Others will have
A bitter pill to swallow
Dr S.D. Israni
The wait is finally over and Mint has been launched. Being a regular reader of HT, I was eagerly waiting to grab the first edition of Mint, launched in association with The Wall Street Journal. All the 24 pages are precise and with proper fonts. The information is succinct and to the mark. I congragulate you and your team for launching such a fabulous paper.
Himanshu Deorukhakar
via email
First day, first issue. Mint-fresh and fantastic! This is what India Inc. was always in need of—a mirror to hold against itself every day, in the morning. You have me addicted with the first issue itself. Congratulations!
Ranjit Kumar
New Delhi
Heartiest congratulations on the launch of Mint. I wish the publication every success. “What you can expect from Mint” sums up your agenda, which is promising.
Soni Shrivastav
New Delhi
A few days ago, when an executive dropped into my office and offered a special offer on a subscription for Mint, I was slightly hesitant. But looking at the association of HT and WSJ, I decided to go for it. Today, after going through the first issue of Mint, I am happy with my decision. It touches every aspect of the Indian economy, business and finance. Keep minting for us.
Mahesh K Chhabra
New Delhi
Allow me to congratulate your team on launching a minteculous newspaper. Rest assured there will be many imitating your style. The section Quickscan on page 2 is just right for a quick read. In all, you have really done your homework well. Here’s wishing that every day will be a mint superseller day.
Anandan Nair
via livemint.com
I live in the US and happened to pick up your very first edition purely by chance when visiting India. I must say I am impressed and excited with your newspaper and look forward to reading it regularly online—assuming a subscription is not available here.
Mukesh Sanghadia, MD
via livemint.com
First things first—to use a cliché. Congratulations! Now, the real part. Mint truly comes like a breath of fresh air, even to readers, or people, like me, who aren’t business savvy, or are more into reading magazines/newspapers in the genre. Agreed that you have broken the mould, or the stereo-type of a business newspaper, but the fact is that you are in a league of your own, for general readers. A newspaper that brings the best of all worlds— so to speak! If this isn’t a signal achievement in the annals of Indian journalism, what is?
Not only that. The layouts are absolutely great, with a good deal of breathing space... The stories are crisp, interesting, and engaging—though some of the features, especially in Lounge, seem to be too long, and somewhat convoluted. But, given the nature of the subjects covered, this is understandable. Your debut has been enormously promising. Please keep up the good work! Most important: Sustain. Sustain. Sustain.
Rajgopal Nidamboor
Navi Mumbai
Congratulations on the launch of Mint. Really enjoyed going through it. Loved your editorial principles. Stock page layout is just what the doctor ordered. Good luck to you and your team.
Ramesh S. Damani
I am a new reader of your new paper. Before this I used to read a leading business daily. But I was not able to grasp half the content. Perhaps it was more for professionals. But after going through Mint, business news is suddenly clearer.
Partha P. Mukherjee
Congratulations on the launch of Mint and wishing you and your team the very best in raising the bar on excellence in business journalism in India.
I have signed up online and enjoyed reading some of the articles as well as Niranjan’s editorial “In Defence of Freedom”.
I hope that while defending open and free markets, Mint will also be the prism for us as Indians to reflect on our economic growth and shape a responsible worldview.
Harjiv Singh
New Delhi
Just to say I loved the first issue of Mint. It is informed, intelligent, well put together. I only wish the design was a little more imaginative. A business paper does not need to look stodgy to be credible.
Pritish Nandy
When I landed at Mumbai airport last Tuesday, amongst the many newspapers available for arriving passengers, the one that caught my eye was Mint—it was different in more than one way, especially with a catchy name. I read it all the way to town and then read a few more issues while I was in Mumbai. I find it an extremely readable paper with good layout, nice typeface, interesting articles and with Indian as well as global coverage. My compliments to your team and you for setting new standards in business journalism. I await the Bangalore edition now!
Harish Jagtiani
First, hearty congratulations for launching a very distinguished business newspaper that does not scare readers with the usual jargon that characterises all business newspapers. In fact, its compact look makes it all the more attractive.
Rohit Bhardwaj
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First Published: Thu, Mar 08 2007. 12 35 AM IST
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