It’s just a rumour, said Dhawan

It’s just a rumour, said Dhawan
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First Published: Sat, Jun 07 2008. 01 14 PM IST

Dodging: Neelam Dhawan
Dodging: Neelam Dhawan
Updated: Sat, Jun 07 2008. 01 14 PM IST
Bangalore: On Friday, before the company issued a statement about her departure, Microsoft India managing director Neelam Dhawan said she isn’t going and that any investigation is news to her. She spoke to Mint at 12.30pm after receiving a questionnaire seeking response on several issues.
Have you put in your papers?
No. I don’t know what’s going on. I will talk to you at length on Monday. No, it’s just a rumour… There are so many rumours you know. Let me talk to you at length on
Neelam Dhawan talks to Mint
Monday and clarify. If there’s anything, I will definitely tell you. But there’s nothing. Let’s discuss at length on Monday. You know I am open.
But we’re told that you have resigned?
No. You’ll get to see the announcement the moment it happens. (pauses) You have raised issues such as financial irregularities and we haven’t had any of that. You
Dodging: Neelam Dhawan
have raised issues of people leaving, which has not happened. There are a lot of things which I am not aware of. Why do you guys think that I am doing such a bad job?
Is the MS global fraud investigation team in India to probe irregularities?
No. I don’t know. What’s this news you are giving us? ...but the sales and marketing group is not under any investigation. Best is for Ravi (Venkatesan) to comment.
Have there been key departures in your team?
Not one. Not at least in (the past) one year.
Are hiring practices under review?
I cannot comment on that. Our employee satisfaction survey that came out in the second week of May said the morale is higher than it was last year.
I have had a berevament in the family....I will not be able to comment further...
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First Published: Sat, Jun 07 2008. 01 14 PM IST
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