MySpace founders launch DailyFill celebrity gossip

MySpace founders launch DailyFill celebrity gossip
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First Published: Wed, Feb 25 2009. 11 45 AM IST
Updated: Wed, Feb 25 2009. 11 45 AM IST
San Francisco: The creators of social networking website MySpace on Tuesday launched DailyFill, an online locale devoted to nuggets of celebrity gossip.
Josh Berman and Colin Digiaro believe DailyFill has a winning formula of bite-sized news about film and music stars written with edgy wit by a small team commanded by lead editor Chris Case.
DailyFill headline stories Tuesday included “Nicole Ritchie Pregnant Again: Trying to Catch Octuplet Mom,” and “Sorry I Strangled You, Here’s An iPod” about singer Chris Brown trying to win back a girlfriend he allegedly battered.
Stories are typically a few paragraphs and offer online links to longer versions.
“With the wild growth of Twitter you can see people are looking for quick hits of content,” Digiaro said, referring to the hot micro-blogging service famous for terse Haiku-style messages about people’s daily activities.
“We applied that concept to celebrity entertainment news. You can find out everything that is happening in the celebrity world with literally a 20 to 30 second scan in our space.”
Case’s resume includes being former lead writer for bitingly satirical television program “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher” and being a writer and producer for shows “Spin City” and “Mad About You.”
Since a stealth launch in test mode 75 days ago, DailyFill has gone from zero to 3.3 million visitors monthly, according to Berman. “People aren’t reading really long articles,” Berman said. “They want a quick summary.”
DailyFill is the first startup launched by Slingshot Labs, a News Corp venture that Berman and Digiaro were put in charge of after the Rupert Murdoch operation bought MySpace in 2005.
MySpace chief executive Chris DeWolfe set up Slingshot, which was given 15 million dollars to create companies to be owned by News Corp, according to Berman and Digiaro.
“Our mission is to quickly identify trends and put businesses out there at low cost,” Berman said. “Being serial entrepreneurs we got really excited about launching this venture.”
Berman and Digiaro said that “well under” 500,000 dollars was spent to get DailyFill running. Their goal is to annually start from three to five companies built to take advantage of Internet trends.
“We look for markets that we don’t feel are served the way they should be served,” Digiaro said. “We can work inside this huge organization, be quick, be nimble and not have to rely on entrepreneurs.”
DailyFill is ad-supported and uses content obtained from partners that include properties in the News Corp empire.
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First Published: Wed, Feb 25 2009. 11 45 AM IST
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