Hyderabad-based Microsoft Centre showcases Virtual PC 2007

Hyderabad-based Microsoft Centre showcases Virtual PC 2007
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First Published: Fri, Mar 16 2007. 09 16 AM IST
Updated: Fri, Mar 16 2007. 09 16 AM IST
Hyderabad: Microsoft is anticipating a thumping success for its latest version of virtualisation software, Virtual PC 2007, as virtualisation has become the order of the day and many software companies are coming forward to make use of the opportunity.
The software was released on 19 February and the professionals at Microsoft India Development Centre (MSIDC) here developed the product.
Analysing the Virtualisation market trend and the explosive growth of physical servers used for it, the Vice President and Managing Director of MSIDC, Srini Koppolu, today said 1.35 lakh X86 Server units for Virtualisation would reach to a whopping one million by 2009.
“There would be also rapid increase in customer spending on virtualisation, as it may soar to $5.3 billion by 2009 from $1.5 billion in 2004,” he said.
Referring to a last year study on Virtualisation awareness, he said 75% of enterprises were aware of virtualisation.
“By mid-2006, 34% of them were implementing it and it would increase to 60% by next year,” he said, adding that most of the virtual machines are running Windows and with high interest from Microsoft customers “accelerating” in higher proportions.
Commenting on Virtual PC 2007 available from Microsoft website, Srini said “Consumers can freely download Virtual PC 2007. But, they need to be licenced for any other copies of Windows,” he said, while referring to its “roaring” success as there are half a million downloads after its launch on 19 February.
‘It helps the users to run multiple operating systems at the same time on the same physical computer,’ Srini said referring to its features.
Support staff can run multiple operating systems in a single physical computer and switch between them easily, while doing more in lesser time, he said. Students can be trained on multiple operating systems and virtual networks, instead of purchasing and supporting additional computers, he added.
The General Manager of Windows group Amit Chatterjee explained that the volume licence customers running Windows Vista Enterprises Edition are allowed to run up to four additional virtual instances of Windows on their PCs.
It is capable of running Windows Vista as both a host and guest operating system, he said.
“It takes the advantage of new hardware virtualisation technology from both Intel and AMD,” Chatterjee said.
Elobarating more on its features, Chatterjee said Virtual PC is ready with final versions of several other tools aimed at easing Vista migration, including hardware assesment advise that helps businesses evaluate which of its existing PCs are suitable for upgrading to Vista.
“Thus, this allows business customers to migrate to Windows Vista for a more secure and manageable experience, while keeping a previous windows environment available to run legacy,” he said.
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First Published: Fri, Mar 16 2007. 09 16 AM IST
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