BPO cabs to have GPS for women’s safety

BPO cabs to have GPS for women’s safety
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First Published: Tue, Apr 24 2007. 05 31 PM IST
Updated: Tue, Apr 24 2007. 05 31 PM IST
New Delhi: Who doesn’t like zipping at the speed of 120 kmph on roads that in the thick of night are blissfully deserted. But would you still like to do that if your driver appeared to be a maniac at the wheels and stank of alcohol or was given to leering through the rearview mirror?
No woman, even an independent, self sufficient BPO employee who handles her night shifts with as much elan as the assorted bunch of clients she deals with through the day, can be equipped to deal with an emergency that could take place at an unearthly hour of say 2 am or 4 am, other than try making emergency calls from her mobile, if she is lucky or trying to intimidate the errant driver, the chances of which are rather bleak since the odds are against her.
Providing foolproof security arrangements to working women in BPO call centres in the NCR region and in other hubs like Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Chandigarh, installations of Global Positioning System (GPS) in over 20,000 cabs that can ferry them to their working places, especially during night shifts, will soon be an actuality, if the recommendation by industry chamber, Assocham is implemented.
Quick facts
* Currently, over 500 BPO call centres are spread across the above mentioned cities.
* More than 5000 women are required to report to their respective working places five days a week after the sun has gone down.
* Highest crime rate in terms of molestation, rape and accidents due to negligent driving have been in New Delhi and Bangalore.
* Gurgaon, Noida and other NCR centres have about 200 ITeS companies with more than 7500 cabs zooming on the road ferrying employees to Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Gurgaon.
* Insecurity is high in the small-scale firms (45%); lower in medium scale firms (26.4%) and large-scale firms (13%).
* Commuting issues are more prevalent in small-scale firms (21%) and lesser in medium scale (10%) and large-scale firms (9%).
Getting GPS to deliver
The Vehicle Tracking based on GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, provides information on the location of vehicles and its movement in real time. This will facilitate car depots to monitor the behaviour of the driver and the vehicle, its travelling speed, exact location on the map, vacant seats and stops on the way.
GPS system to trace, rescue and manage the cab fleet and to control the control room that knows each cab’s status as being vacant, busy or in rest conditions makes it easy to track down a driver at any point in time.
Therefore, with cab dispatching services, all the passenger needs to do is press a key on the remote for the control centre to pop up via an e-map and the employee database that enables one to locate an employee’s exact position along with her personal information.
This will enable the control centre to dispatch a nearest vacant cab to the employee in the shortest time. Hence, it can ensure safety of both passenger and driver. This high-tech management system will in the long term save time and money to the companyand make sure they are saved from negative publicity that arises every time an unpleasant episode occurs.
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First Published: Tue, Apr 24 2007. 05 31 PM IST
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