Epson’s new offerings

Epson’s new offerings
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First Published: Fri, Apr 27 2007. 11 14 AM IST
Updated: Fri, Apr 27 2007. 11 14 AM IST
New Delhi: Epson, a leading manufacturer of data projectors, has unveiled the Epson EMP-1810 and EMP-1815 multimedia projectors. In response to the discerning digital display needs of modern corporate and education institutions, both projectors house an array of highly advanced features within a compact casing.
The XGA-resolution projectors use Epson’s proprietary 3LCD technology to beam smoother, more vibrant and natural images that are easy on the eyes even with prolonged viewing.
Lamp brightness is rated at 3500 ANSI lumens so images can still be viewed without the need to dim the room. Both projectors accommodate rapid ‘power-on’, ‘instant-off’ and an innovative audio visual mute slide which are standard features shared by Epson’s new class of multimedia projectors for business users.
These allow presentations to commence and end with minimal delay, while the user-friendly a/v mute slide feature allows presentations to pause for discussions to take place without unwanted distraction from light seepage and fan whirl.
Additional features on Epson EMP-1815
* PC-less presentations are a breeze with the Epson EMP-1815. Beyond regular port connection points, the projector has an integrated USB (Version 2.0) port which connects seamlessly to a wide range of compatible input devices including digital cameras, thumb-drives and media players.
* Definitive projector includes USB connectivity, multi-screen display and movie-sending with sound.
* Has a second USB (Version 2.0, PC compatible only) port for users to easily establish projector-to-computer connections using the ubiquitous USB cable instead of the more complicated VGA cable. True to its plug-and-play nature, no setup is required as the projector automatically detects the active USB connection and beams images immediately.
* Multi-screen display allows users to display images from up to four networked projectors at the same time. These display images from different software concurrently with one projector beaming images from a text document and another displaying images from a slideshow. By arranging a network of up to four projectors side-by-side, users can choose to display a continuous panoramic image or even wide spreadsheets for dynamic presentations. For utmost user-friendliness, a single computer can control all the four projectors simultaneously.
* For presentations requiring video and sound playback, the product features a wireless file transfer technology to enable the projector to receive and play MPEG 2 movie files. Together with built-in speakers, it displays high quality full screen video complete with sound.
* Intelligent maintenance management is possible
* Designed to meet and exceed present and future demands of the corporate and education sectors, both projectors have high specifications to future-proof user’s investments.
These projectors would be available in the market from May 2007 and are priced at Rs 128,400/- and Rs 142,700/- respectively.
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First Published: Fri, Apr 27 2007. 11 14 AM IST
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