Gadgets for the rich: the 2016 edition

Luxury gadgets are all about the style quotient. But they need to be at the top of the game in terms of performance too. Some gadgets that the rich are seen withSpot jog

Logitech Harmony Elite
Logitech Harmony Elite

A beautiful home fitted out with modern Swedish furniture, and with the finest art pieces adorning the walls. Surely you wouldn’t want it all to be ruined by home entertainment speakers that leave a trail of wires snaking around the walls. Or a TV that doesn’t look the part. Style is perhaps the most important criteria for “budget no bar” buyers when they walk in to buy a product. And these gadgets tick that box.

HP Spectre

Rs1,05,090 onwards

This is perhaps the hottest laptop in the world right now. And the thinnest as well, measuring just 10.4mm. The mix of aluminium and carbon fibre ends up as a a rather beautiful and strong chassis. There are two variants—with the Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 processors. Both get 13.3-inch displays, with Full HD resolution.

Vertu Aster Chevron

€3,900 (about Rs2.9 lakh)

The Aster Chevron is made of titanium, with a satin finish on the sides. The 13-megapixel camera is made by Hasselblad, the Swedish company known for its cameras. You also get access to concierge services.

Audeze LCD-3 headphone


This high-resolution audio headphone has an open-back design. West African Zebrano hardwood is used to make the LCD-3. The planar magnetic technology and ultra-thin diaphragm that is four times larger than typical headphones reduce distortion and improve audio response.

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90

Rs75 lakh

This is perhaps the ultimate experience in sound engineering. Every BeoLab 90 has seven tweeters, seven mind-range speakers and four woofers placed at different angles. It has the Active Room Compensation technology which tweaks sound according to the room layout. And delivers earth-shaking sound effortlessly.

Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch

$1,500 (about Rs1 lakh)

The chassis is made of titanium and sapphire, and the watch is water-resistant. You can run a wide range of apps on the watch, get notifications from your phone and also customize the “watch faces” using the free TAG Heuer watch app (Apple iPhone and Android).


Rs11.49 lakh (86UH955T)

For all that money, you get a massive 86-inch screen size, with Ultra HD 3840x2160 resolution. The WebOS 3.0 is by far the slickest smart TV software at present. And the Harman Kardon speakers come as the proverbial cherry on the cake.

Logitech Harmony Elite


This is the ultimate all-in-one remote to control multiple gadgets at home. It works with over 270,000 devices, including TVs and set-top boxes, and with Internet of Things-capable additions such as connected lights and smart sensors. The remote has a touch screen and physical keys, and a smartphone control hub too.

*Prices may vary

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