Heritage homes in Goa

Heritage homes in Goa
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First Published: Thu, May 03 2007. 12 12 AM IST

Updated: Thu, May 03 2007. 12 12 AM IST
Braganza Pereira mansion
Situated in Chandor, it is considered to be one of the grandest mansions in the state. Through Italian-style patterned flooring (tiles and marble mosaic), stained-glass windows, chinaware and vases, the mansion narrates stories of its magnificent past. When the house was built, the windows were crafted out of mother of pearl. Antique furniture, Italian chandeliers and Goa’s first private library—all these contribute to the character of this mansion.
Salvador Da Costa mansion
Situated in Loutolim, a south Goa village, this mansion was built in the 19th century. It is an example of how practicality and functionality took priority over grandeur. It is single-storeyed and was built by Padre Pedrinho and Padre Laurence, two wealthy siblings and priests. The mansion was inspired by so many styles that its architecture is quite difficult to define in a single term. It would be appropriate to say that the mansion carries the best of both worlds—what was and what is now. It has a low-pitched tiled roof, a wide verandah , Gothic windows and clustered columns.
Solar Dos Colacos mansion
Situated on the left bank of river Mandovi, it has a baroque facade and offers a spectacular view of the islands of Chorao and Divar as well as the churches of old Goa. The construction of Solar Dos Colacos mansion was begun in 1730 by Joao Colaco. As the house passed from one generation to another, over the years, features were added to it. Nazario Colaco, who inhabited the house after 1890, was an artist and craftsman. Evidence of his creativity is visible all over the house. The ballroom floor is built from 16 different types of wood. The mansion has other interesting features such as intricately carved Goan furniture, chandeliers, mirrors and a dining hall with a carved sideboard depicting scenes from the Ramayana.
Mascarenhas mansion
It is close to Goa’s most happening beach, Anjuna. One of its striking features is its rich and classic ‘balcaos’ (balconies). An L-shaped seat along the porch is carved from wood. There are also fine stained-glass etchings.
Other mansions
The Figueredo mansion in Loutolim is raised on a high plinth. Miranda mansion (1710), in the same area, is a typical country mansion with a separate chapel. Another country mansion in Margao, Sat Burnzam Ghor (1790), is typically Portuguese, with a grand double-storeyed facade. This mansion has the first private chapel that was allowed to be built in Goa. The 213-year-old Palacio Do Deao is on the banks of the Kushavati river. It was constructed by a Portuguese nobleman and faces the church he built.
All these mansions are privately owned and not generally open to the public
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First Published: Thu, May 03 2007. 12 12 AM IST
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