Lounge review | TressTalk, Mumbai

Lounge review | TressTalk, Mumbai
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First Published: Fri, Feb 05 2010. 09 17 PM IST

Updated: Fri, Feb 05 2010. 09 17 PM IST
Tresstalk, a unisex salon and spa, opened on Linking Road in Khar last month. The name may mislead you into thinking that it’s primarily a hair salon, but on offer are quite a few nature-based and luxury treatments for both hair and skin, and some quirky options in waxing, manicures and pedicures.
You can make waxing a bit unusual, choosing between a dark chocolate wax for normal skin and white chocolate for sensitive skin. Both contain ingredients such as hazelnut and cocoa butter in addition to the ingredients of a traditional wax. It pretty much works like normal wax, but just leaves you smelling more delicious. Manicures and pedicures are jazzed up with massages that use food or nature-based cosmetics. So, during a pedicure your feet are massaged with creams that contain chocolate and coffee or red wine and roses.
The good stuff
The prime attraction is the salon’s chief cosmetologist Meetah Thakkar’s “Age Lock” treatments. Food ingredients are used in the clean-ups and de-tanning treatments. Spanish caviar is used to tighten ageing skin, red wine helps even out patchy skin tone and green tea hydrates tired or dull skin. The products used in the treatments are made by Thakkar, who says they are safe on the skin unless you have a known allergy.
I tried the red wine treatment and the results were fairly satisfactory. The masseuse started with a seaweed cleanser, and then applied a red wine and papaya concoction. It is red wine—I actually tasted it to make sure. Applied on the face, the cooling concoction stung initially, and settled into a prickly sensation. Thakkar says red wine is known for its bleaching properties and for its ability to even out skin colour. Papaya, on the other hand, contains papain that helps the skin renew itself and acts as a moisturizing agent.
After 15 minutes, the concoction was washed off and sunscreen was applied as a finishing touch. The process lasted 20-25 minutes. I looked slightly “whitish” as a result of the sunscreen; a look I didn’t quite like, so I washed off the sunscreen. The facial had left my skin looking a lot more even, and the effect lasted for two weeks like it was supposed to.
I also opted for hair treatment and a haircut. The hair stylist examined my hair and mixed two packages for better results. So my hair was first washed with a white clay-based shampoo to deal with the oily scalp and then treated it with a green oil mask (containing avocado and grapeseed) to tackle the frizziness—the smooth texture lasted five days, with two hair washes in between.
Since I wanted to retain my hair length, the stylist layered it without reducing the length drastically. But not before she complained that most Indian women prefer to keep their hair long, hardly ever giving her the opportunity to experiment with short hairstyles. However, for a temporary change, she convinced me to scrunch my hair into curls instead of blow-drying it, a great alternative to the straight look.
The not-so-good
The staff, though qualified, comes across as inexperienced. The hairstylist gave me an excellent haircut and head massage, but then decided to massage some more with a harsh vibrator. It took a while for the droning inside my head to stop.
The space is too small to be unisex. Salons and spas are places where you prefer to unwind and often need to undress. Having members of the opposite sex in such close proximity tends to make you self-conscious and that doesn’t help you relax.
Talk plastic
A haircut, hair treatment (shampoo, conditioning and green oil mask) and red wine de-tan cost Rs2,600. A haircut is Rs450 and the Age Lock treatments start at Rs1,500. They also have luxury hair (Rs2,500 upwards) and skin treatments (Rs2,600 upwards). For appointments, contact 022-26489642.
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First Published: Fri, Feb 05 2010. 09 17 PM IST