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Recipes in a rush

Recipes in a rush
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First Published: Mon, Jul 04 2011. 09 42 PM IST

Quick bite: Croissantoast
Quick bite: Croissantoast
Updated: Mon, Jul 04 2011. 09 42 PM IST
Serves 1
Quick bite: Croissantoast
1 butter croissant
1 egg
2 tbsp cream (or 4 tbsp milk)
1 tbsp Cheddar cheese, grated
1/2 tbsp oat flakes
10g white butter for pan-frying
Salt and cracked pepper to taste
Slice the croissant horizontally. Beat the egg along with the cream or milk, cheese, seasoning and oat flakes. Soak the sliced croissants in it.
Heat butter in a non-stick pan. Cook the soaked croissants on medium-low on each side for 5 minutes till crisp and brown. Wrap in brown paper and eat on the go.
—Moshe Shek of Moshe’s, Mumbai.
Serves 2
1 cup refined flour
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1/4 tsp nutmeg/cinnamon/orange zest
2 tbsp butter, melted
Salt to taste
In a large mixing bowl, whisk together flour and eggs. Gradually add milk and water, stirring to combine. Add salt, butter and nutmeg; beat until smooth.
Heat a lightly oiled/buttered frying pan over medium-high heat. Pour the batter on to the pan, tilt the pan with a circular motion so that the batter coats the surface evenly. Cook the crepe for about 2 minutes, until the bottom is light brown. Loosen with a spatula, turn it over and cook the other side. Serve hot.
Optionally, drizzle with honey-lemon juice and sprinkle muesli or granola. Have it with a bowl of mixed fruit for a well-rounded breakfast.
—Kishi Arora, chef and food consultant, Foodaholics, New Delhi.
Serves 4
Fruit and nut: Muesli
300g oats
400g yogurt
2 bananas
2 apples
2 pears
1/2 melon
60g papaya
50g almonds
50g cashew nuts
Honey or jaggery to taste
Toast the oats lightly till they smell nice and nutty. Whisk yogurt with honey or jaggery to blend well. Wash the fruits, peel if necessary and dice into large chunks. Roast the dry fruits and chop roughly. Mix all the ingredients together and chill for a few hours.
Muesli is best made the night before and served as a complete meal for breakfast.
—Jaydeep Mukherjee, executive chef, Indigo Deli, Mumbai.
Serves 2-3
350g ‘poha’
2 onions (large)
3 green chillies
30g ‘urad dal’
30g ‘chana dal’
2 tomatoes
1 large potato
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
10-12 curry leaves
50g peanuts
60ml refined oil
1/4 tsp turmeric
Juice of 1 lemon
2 tsp coriander leaves
Salt to taste
Wash the ‘poha’ thoroughly and leave in a sieve for 5 minutes for the water to drain completely. Wash, peel and cut the potato and tomatoes into small dices. Chop the onions, chillies and coriander leaves.
Heat oil in a pan and sauté the curry leaves, mustard seeds and both ‘dals’. When they crackle, add the peanuts and potato and sauté them. Add onions, tomatoes and chillies and cook till they are done. Add ‘poha’, turmeric, salt and freshly chopped coriander. Stir-fry on a low flame for about 5 minutes.
Take off the heat. When it has cooled a bit, mix the lemon juice and serve.
Tomato Upma
Serves 2
Wholesome meal: Tomato Upma
100g semolina
300ml water
1 onion, chopped
25g tomatoes, chopped
2-3 green chillies (optional)
10g ginger
10-12 curry leaves
A pinch of fenugreek seeds
1 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp turmeric powder (optional)
Salt to taste
10g ‘ghee’
50g oil
Heat oil in a pan and season it with fenugreek, mustard and cumin seeds. When the seeds crackle, add curry leaves and a paste made with ginger and green chillies. Add a pinch of turmeric powder and sauté. Add chopped onions and sauté till translucent. Add tomatoes and salt and cook for a couple of minutes.
Add water and bring to boil. When the mixture is boiling, add ‘ghee’ and lower the flame. Now add semolina a little at a time, stirring continuously. When all of the semolina has been added, stir well so that there are no lumps, then cover.
Cook for a few minutes till done. Garnish with fried curry leaves and serve hot.
—Rajkamal Chopra, executive chef , WelcomHotel Sheraton, New Delhi.
Breakfast Burger
Serves 1
2 eggs
1 tsp cream
20g mushroom, sliced
15g Emmental
1 breakfast bun
1 leaf of lettuce
15g tomatoes, sliced
Break the eggs in a bowl. Add cream and sliced mushrooms and whisk well. In a non-stick pan cook the eggs. When almost done, fold into a triangle and cook both sides well. Take off the fire and put a slice of cheese on top. Microwave for 15-30 seconds to melt the cheese. Cut the bun into two and toast. Place lettuce and tomato slices on one half of the bun. Arrange the omelette and cheese over it and finish off with the other half of the bun.
—Eggspectation, Jaypee Hotel, New Delhi.
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First Published: Mon, Jul 04 2011. 09 42 PM IST
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