Welcome to the 21st century

Welcome to the 21st century
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First Published: Fri, Jul 06 2007. 11 01 PM IST

Updated: Fri, Jul 06 2007. 11 01 PM IST
Window dressing
While no one wants to live in a windowless box, windows do create all sorts of problems for a home. Heat escapes in winter; cool air escapes in summer; the sun glares through in the morning when you’re trying to sleep; outdoor noise interrupts a peaceful evening at home. And sometimes, a pane of glass is not enough to keep the elements at bay. That’s where Somfy’s window products come in. Their roller shutters, electric venetian blinds, external window screens and internal blinds are energy efficient, durable and can be remote-controlled. So, you can go back to enjoying the view. Available at Somfy, C-18, Local Shopping Complex, Paschimi Marg, New Delhi, starting around Rs30,000.
Seat rub
Why settle for a regular armchair when you can recline in the arms of your own personal masseuse? The Keyton Class massage chair offers 35 different types of massages, from the neck all the way down to the ankles. Custom-build your programme or choose from options such as sleep programme, anti-cellulite massage, shiatsu and relax. Plus, the angular shape and high-end leather cushioning will fit right into any modern home. Available at Cadiomed, 44, Tughlaqabad Institutional Area, New Delhi, Rs3.9 lakh.
Pure water
Philips introduced a line of hi-tech water purification systems in India last September and water has never tasted so good. The UV technology destroys waterborne viruses, bacteria and parasites, while the filter improves the taste. Plus, it’s perfect for the power failure times we live in—the pack comes with a rechargeable battery, so you can drink well, even if you’re stuck in the dark. Osaba Emporium, Basant Lok Market, New Delhi, Rs12,495.
Bathroom bliss
Showers are, by nature, indulgent moments. The warm water, a moment to relax, the peace and quiet. But the simple old shower has nothing on the new Kohler DTV experience. The company calls it a “custom showering” experience, since the digital interface (waterproofed, of course) can be programmed for each user for the ultimate shower. The panel controls multiple shower heads, hand showers and body sprays to alternate the water pressure, create a massage-like spray and adjust to the perfect temperature. Available at C. Bhogilal West End, B/1, Hem Colony, Mumbai, around Rs1.8 lakh.
Health nut
The pesky problem of pollution can stop at your front door. The new air purifier from OSIM, dubbed iLife, takes its design inspiration from Apple’s iPod. Small, compact and extremely efficient, this is music for your lungs. The purifier removes pollen, mould spores, smoke and dust from areas of about 440sq. ft. And it deodorizes the air, keeping your home smelling sweet. Available at OSIM, 1, L.S.C., Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi, Rs21,000.
Gym rat
Sure, we can all use a little more exercise in our lives, and the best way is to have a treadmill in your home, especially one that connects to DVD or MP3 players, to pass the time. But the best part of the uJog? It folds up compactly and can fit in a closet when friends stop by. That way, no one will ever need to know your secret to staying slim. Of course, the danger lies in you remembering to bring it out again, but we’re sure you’ll manage. Available at OSIM, 1, L.S.C., Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi, Rs2.9 lakh.
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First Published: Fri, Jul 06 2007. 11 01 PM IST
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