In no time

In no time
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First Published: Sun, Jun 15 2008. 11 56 PM IST

Updated: Sun, Jun 15 2008. 11 56 PM IST
A tight budget, 22,000 sq. ft, a seemingly impossible deadline. Not quite what any design team, faced with a makeover, would call ideal. The brief from the client specified a more youthful image, no obvious visual allusions to their work and no digital imagery.
The pre-furnished space was panelled all around with beech veneer. “We began with the lobby. Its an awkward space,” says Amit Prakash, one of the three young directors at Zyeta Designs along with Shilpa Revankar and Lakshmi Maiyya.
The lobby is irregularly shaped and is neither fully connected with nor completely detached from the rest of the office. Revankar explains that they joined the lobby to the rest of the office in a continuum of lines and interesting wall treatments to create an impression of seamlessness. “We added wallpapered projections and put up graphics which are easily replaceable,” she says. The graphics in the lobby are of meditating monk and of cyclists in a blur of motion, representing both the calm and energy that employees need in equal measure to be productive. “The emphasis was to create an ambience that we term as Kine-aesthetic,” she says.
The drab corridors were transformed with greenery, sculpture and more graphics. The flooring could not be changed. “We used metallic tones of mauve, and shiny steel on walls, which help detract attention from the floors,” explains Prakash. In some work zones, carpets hide flaws in the flooring and reduce noise levels. Although the office was already furnished, custom-designed workstations were added in some sections. These can be easily dismantled and reassembled in new combinations whenever necessary.
Along with the lobby, the design team also refurbished the conference room and the recreation room, and carved out a store room. In one work zone, they created a mini library and a “picture wall” of personalities from various fields, including science, music, theatre and literature. For a young team that believes that “an ounce of doing is worth a ton of talking”, this office seems to fulfil many needs.
See pictures:
Optical illusion
1.An eye-catching graphic in the conference room
2. & 3. The lobby was integrated with the rest of the office and to create continuity, Zyeta used kinetic lines, graphics and wallpapered projections on the walls
Text: Reema Moudgil
Photographs: Sanjay Ramachandran
Courtesy: Zyeta Designs
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First Published: Sun, Jun 15 2008. 11 56 PM IST