Mafia III: Rivals is another big gaming title targeting mobile gaming

‘Mafia III: Rivals’ is unlike any of the console-based games in the series, but if you are into turn-based strategy games, you will certainly enjoy it

Mafia III: Rivals is a standalone mobile game that can be played by almost anyone
Mafia III: Rivals is a standalone mobile game that can be played by almost anyone

Popular console and PC game Mafia is now available to mobile users in a slightly different avatar. Available as a free download on Play Store and App Store, Mafia III: Rivals, was released simultaneously with Mafia III, the latest game in the popular game franchise based on mob violence in the US. Mafia III for Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox 360,Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 cost Rs.3,499 while the PC version is available for Rs.2,499.

While the console game is an action adventure game with an open world gaming scenario, the mobile version is more about strategy and planning your moves right.

Mafia III: Rivals belongs to the new genre of online games that requires a steady internet connection to run. The game’s file size (196MB) after installation is surprisingly small, compared to some of the console adaptations which exceed the 1GB file size these days.

A game designed for small screen

The major attraction of the Mafia series is the historical backdrop. The game developer 2K, Inc has replicated a lot of that setting through characters and weapons. But when it comes to game play no attempt has been made to emulate the same experience the console game does. Instead, the focus is on creating a lighter and easier to play version of game for mobile users.

While mobile phones have evolved, playing an open game with 360 degree view and multiple controls is not easy. This explains why the developer has gone with a gameplay which is easier to understand and handle.

Another element of the Mafia series that keeps gamer hooked as much to the game as the action and environment is the game’s storyline. The mobile version has skipped that as well. What it offers basically is a never ending series of action packed missions.

The game allows players to build a gang, open a shop as a front to cover up for the illegal activities, hire thugs, arm them with weapons and then take on rival gangs in street fights. As you progress the game gets tougher. What makes the going even tougher is the turn based model when it comes to attacking the rival gangs. Once all your gang members have attacked the opponent, the rival gangs will get a free run to attack your men. Your success depend entirely on your off the street strategy and how well prepared your gang was.

The trick is to upgrade weapons, skill levels regularly. You can speed up things by paying up real cash for credits. Credits is basically an in-game currency available in different packs and cost anywhere between Rs. 130 and Rs. 6,700.

Is it worth trying?

Mafia III: Rivals is a standalone mobile game that can be played by almost anyone. You don’t need to have played any of the console games nor do you need a secondary device to play it. The simple controls and the entire focus on running the shows rather than indulge in every little activity makes it game that you can play while relaxing on a couch or while travelling in a bus or a train, provided your mobile network is reliable.

Mafia III: Rivals

Developed by: 2K, Inc

Available on: Play Store, App Store,

Price: Free (In-app purchases Rs. 130 to Rs. 6,700)

Tested on: Lenovo Z2 Plus (Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM,Adreno 530 GPU, 64GB storage)

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