Money matters

Money matters
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First Published: Sun, Nov 09 2008. 11 24 PM IST

Updated: Sun, Nov 09 2008. 11 24 PM IST
The ATM did not dispense any cash but my account was debited of the amount. What should I do? How soon will I get my money back?
Take a mini-statement of your account first. Inform the bank call centre and explain the matter to them. Take the complaint/reference number and, if possible, give your mobile number so that you can get an SMS about the registered complaint. Usually, it takes around four working days for the money to be credited into your account. The bank will alert you about the credited amount by SMS.
I have a savings account in ICICI Bank. The bank has not sent me account statements for at least six months. Recently, I went to the bank to ask for it. They did give me one, but charged around Rs100 for this. Can the bank do that?
Typically, banks send the statement every quarter, free of cost. So, if the bank has not been sending it to you every quarter, speak to the bank. You may not have received the statements due to the wrong postal or email address. But if you visit the bank to collect your bank statements, they levy some charges. You can also get the statement from its website or through email.
I applied to withdraw my provident fund (PF) money in June. I live in Mumbai, but my PF account is in Delhi. I have got the acknowledgement slip for the submission of the form, but not the money or any information about it. Whom do I contact?
You can approach the regional PF commissioner’s office in Delhi as your employer’s head office is there. Visit to get the contact details. You may also register your complaint at the “customer service” link on the site. If communication is still a problem, go for a transfer rather than a withdrawal now. Ask your present employer for a transfer of your account.
What is the importance of a signature on the printed slips generated when one uses a credit card? If there is a mismatch between the signature in the bank record and the slip, do merchants get the payment?
You should always sign on the printed slip (on the merchant copy) after you have made a purchase through your credit card. Even if there is a mismatch in the signature, merchants get their dues. But there could be a problem if a particular transaction is disputed. The card-issuing bank will look at the slip and if there is a mismatch, it will take necessary action. So, for your own security, it is important that you sign on the printed slip.
My pension comes to my account in Patna. Can it be transferred directly to a bank in Lucknow, which is where I live?
Yes, it is possible to receive the pension in a different city. You will have to give a written application to the bank where you receive the pension currently. The link branch will forward the disburser’s portion of the pension payment order (PPO) to the link branch at the new station. Both the link branches will send the necessary intimation to the Central Pension Accounting Office. The receiving link branch will forward the PPO to the paying branch within three days and intimate you simultaneously. Before disbursing the amount, it will be ensured that the month up to which the payments had been made is indicated in the disburser’s portion of the PPO.
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First Published: Sun, Nov 09 2008. 11 24 PM IST