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(Heart)breaking news

(Heart)breaking news
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First Published: Fri, Feb 13 2009. 10 46 PM IST

Updated: Fri, Feb 13 2009. 10 46 PM IST
What women want
Since its launch in 1998, sildenafil citrate has rejuvenated and prolonged the
sex life of thousands of men all over the world. Most commonly sold under the trade name Viagra by drug company Pfizer, the blue, diamond-shaped tablets have not only become a modern cultural icon but a cash cow for Pfizer, with almost two million tablets sold since the launch.
Now, thanks to a fortuitous discovery by German drug company Boehringer Ingelheim, women too may soon find a drug specifically designed to take care of low female sexual desire.
After years of testing and clinical trials involving 5,000 subjects, Boehringer is expected to place a drug called flibanserin for the US food and drug administration’s (FDA) approval this year. If the drug gets the green light, consumers will finally get their hands on the much-anticipated “female Viagra”.
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Is human love odourless?
It was 50 years ago that a pair of researchers first coined the word
pheromone. Scientists Peter Karlson and Martin Lüscher used the word to name chemicals they thought carried messages between individuals of the same species. One of the first such instances was noticed in female silk moths. When the moths secreted a chemical called bombykol, male moths went into mating frenzy.
In the decades since, pheromones have been suspected of playing a critical role in human relationships. Studies have shown that certain pheromones can make the menstrual cycles of women who live together fall in sync.
But now new research indicates that the wonder chemical may have no role at all to play in human relationships. In the 15 January issue of the journal Nature, zoologist Tristram D. Wyatt of the University of Oxford says efforts to isolate pheromones that impact sexual attraction in human beings have proved futile. In an essay titled “Fifty years of pheromones”, Wyatt raises doubts over the prevailing idea that pheromones are involved in attracting members of the opposite species.
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Carnal comic
Savita Bhabhi is an attractive, long-haired, married Indian woman with a voracious sexual appetite. And her promiscuous travails are the central theme of a
series of online comics that have now developed a committed following. According to online traffic measurement company Alexa Internet Inc., www.savitabhabhi.com is the 45th most popular website in India, ranking ahead of less racy sites such as eBay India, LinkedIn and even Shaadi.com.
Faced with sporadic threats from moral policemen and cyber crime officials, the creators of the comic have kept a low profile, identifying themselves only by screen names. We recently spoke to “Deshmukh” of the Savita Bhabhi (SB) team about the origin of the comic strip and his perspectives on Indian sexuality.
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Celebrate hate
Valentine’s Day is a day of passion and affection for some. And lonely,
self-loathing for others. So this weekend, if you’re not feeling in the pink and need to vent some of that fury and anti-Valentine’s Day rage, all you need to do is fire up your computer. We’ve pulled together the best collection of links to remind you that there is more to life than just love and romance.
• Blue Mountain (www.bluemountain.com) and Flowgo (www.flowgo.com) have a collection of anti-Valentine’s Day e-cards, perfect for sending to similarly crabby friends. Also useful to remind some old flames that while the relationship may be over, the hatred never really went away.
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Lights. Camera. Passion
Anurag Basu’s new film Kites is up for release this year. With a string of
successful movies (Murder, Gangster and Life in a Metro) behind him, this is Basu’s first film with a big producer (Rakesh Roshan), a superstar (Hrithik Roshan) and a large budget. Kites is also making news for a steamy kiss between Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori.
Basu’s films have been talked about for their sexual content and we spoke to him about the challenge of filming intimate scenes. “Film-makers of our generation feel handicapped. We want to be as real as possible,” he says.
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Games people play
The inglorious history begins with the utterly horrible Custer’s Revenge, a
game released for the Atari 2600 in 1983, where players controlled a pixellated General Custer as he dodged arrows and other hazards to get to the other side of the screen. The final “reward”: intercourse with a native American woman named Revenge. The game drew much ire from women’s rights groups, who argued that the game amounted to simulated rape.
Nintendo’s rise to dominance and its “family-friendly” image meant that sex was largely absent from mainstream gaming in the late 1980s and mid-1990s. Interactive pornography, however, enjoyed a healthy decade in the obscurity of the Internet, with flash games and Japanese “hentai” interactive novels creating their own subcultures online. In 2001, a PlayStation 2 rhythm game, Rez, shipped with a “trance vibrator” which, blogs and forums quickly found out, doubled as a sex toy.
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Thoughts that count
Make him or her go wiki in the knees
While Wikipedia is still publicly accessible and editable, use the chance to
make your loved one a glowing Wikipedia page complete with pictures, platitudes and praise. Heap on the rhetoric and make authoritative-looking references to Facebook profiles, LinkedIn résumés and the like. Don’t forget to spice up the profile with fake quotes about your loved one by famous people he or she adores. When you are done, quickly save a copy of the page with screenshots before the Wiki-ogres take the page down citing lack of relevance.
An unequal music
Why not burn him/her some high-quality independent music instead? Both Indian and foreign sites offer a great choice of tracks from all genres that you can download legally. Burning the disc is the easy part. Get creative on the packaging. With enough effort, some open source images and freeware, you can design professional-looking CD inlay covers and packaging. Rest assured that the album you’re gifting is the only one of its kind in the world (save cover design and keep a disc backup for reuse later in case things don’t work out).
Music sources: www.tempostand.com, music.download.com
Freeware to design covers: www.coverxp.com
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The inside man
Thorsten Allenstein, the country manager for premium lingerie maker
Triumph, was recently in New Delhi to open the brand’s flagship store at Connaught Place. We cornered him at the event and asked him about romance, sex and his interesting day job. Edited excerpts:
So Thorsten, you work with lingerie all day. Correct?
So you must think of sex all the time? (Woman chaperone from public relations firm vanishes.)
Well…you know….umm… (twisting his face up as he thinks) to be really honest, I used to think of sex a lot. But not any more. Once you see women in lingerie as much as I do, you begin to see it more as a job. As a professional responsibility.
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Dressed to impress
Accessories designer
Style rule: Being beautiful doesn’t mean being sexy
Currently wearing: An argyle knit dress with black leggings, heels and carrying a sequinned bronze bag.
Why it’s sexy: “I think less skin showing is more attractive, so I’ve chosen this long-sleeved dress. I can be fun in this outfit, it makes me feel different. Accessories can really pump up an outfit, so I added the bag. A few sequins never hurt anyone.”
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First Published: Fri, Feb 13 2009. 10 46 PM IST