Review: Misfit Shine 2

The Misfit Shine 2 is one of the most accurate step trackers

Misfit Shine 2: Rs7,495
Misfit Shine 2: Rs7,495

The Shine 2 builds on the strong points of the Shine, its predecessor. It largely retains the design of the original Shine, but the tracker is now a little bigger and thinner. The Shine 2 essentially comes across as a silicon band with an aluminium disc slotted in. This disc-designed tracker is the heart and soul of the water-resistant Shine 2, and now also includes LEDs that can reproduce a wide array of colour patterns to signify different tasks—such as when you receive a new text message or when you reach an activity target. There are no physical buttons.

The only negative in terms of design is the strap itself, which is a bit cumbersome to wear—there is a risk of the tracker popping out if you aren’t careful. 

Beyond this foible, the performance really stands out. Owing to its extremely thin design, this is one of those rare fitness bands that you will not find uncomfortable to wear to bed every night to track your sleep. What you get as a result are easy-to-understand graphs. (MISFIT app; free on Android, iOS and Windows)

The Shine 2 is also one of the most accurate step trackers we have come across—it says a lot when a tracker doesn’t count your keying in words on the laptop as steps, as some trackers have done in the past. You can also configure the Shine 2 to remind you to get up and walk at regular intervals—this is something a lot of trackers and smartwatches have now started offering as a standard option. 

Battery life is a strong point of the Shine 2, and the replaceable battery should last around six months—so you don’t have to worry about charging the band. We have used the Shine 2 for about three weeks now, so we obviously cannot verify the six-month battery life claim.

The Shine 2 is a more up-to-date band which can also send smartphone notifications to your wrist. Yes, there are still some design shortcomings but at this price, you will be hard-pressed to find a fitness tracker as accurate. 

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