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Google search data gives us an insight into the devices and specifications people are looking for
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First Published: Tue, Feb 12 2013. 07 06 PM IST

Manufacturers are betting big on the large-sized phablet category, and several new handsets are now reaching the market.
Samsung can take credit for creating the category, but today, companies like HTC and LG are joining it in releasing high-end phones with 5-inch and bigger screens, while Samsung itself has also started to compete with Micromax, Spice and other Indian companies in the budget segment with its newly launched Galaxy Grand.
But while the companies are expecting interest, the customers themselves don’t seem to be very curious—at least not to the point of actively searching for information about these products.
We got data for the last year from Google to explore the search results for different phablets and screen sizes.
While Google search data isn’t indicative of actual sales, it serves as a good gauge of interest. Google doesn’t share absolute data, but trends—a score of 100 means “peak” volume for that category, so if a second term is at 20, it means that five times as many people searched for the first term, which was looked up by everyone searching in the technology category. The findings:
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First Published: Tue, Feb 12 2013. 07 06 PM IST
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