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Weekday Lounge Exclusive | Beauty counter

Weekday Lounge Exclusive | Beauty counter
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First Published: Mon, Jan 21 2008. 11 59 PM IST
Updated: Mon, Jan 21 2008. 11 59 PM IST
Make this one different. For spring, ditch your usual sun-kissed skin and gold-highlighted tresses for a newer, updated look.
French hair and beauty expert Jean-Claude Biguine, was in Mumbai recently for the launch of his salon, while Vimi Joshi, senior make-up artist for MAC, showcased the make-up brand’s five trends for the season ahead. They share their tips for the new spring look.
Vimi Joshi
* Orange is the colour of the season for make-up and Indian skin tones have never had it better, because it looks stunning on them.
* One of the biggest trends for the season are sculpting the face to make it three-dimensional. It’s a look that’s healthy and effortless and uses texture, rather than colour. Start out by moisturizing well and applying a base that is the exact same tone of your skin.
* Then, contour your cheekbones. Using a foundation that is one shade darker than your skin, highlight your cheekbone and jaw line. Using small, circular motions with a foundation brush, blend it completely into the skin. The result should look like you have defined cheekbones, without using a blush.
* The next step is to use a foundation that’s one shade paler to brighten up your chin.
* Now you can start using colour. For a fresh spring look, use an orange blush with a matte texture on your cheekbone. Brighten up the apple of the cheek with a blush which has a bit of shine. The difference in the textures makes the shiny one more dramatic and helps your cheek to pop.
* For the eyes, start by using a shiny nude colour on the eyelids as a base.
* Put on a pinky-orange shadow with a bit of shimmer on the eyelid.
* With a white eye pencil, highlight the inner corners of your eyes. It makes the eyes appear brighter and larger.
* Use a matte, bright orange eyeshadow in the eye socket or crease. It makes the whole look go pop and you’ll see it’s not a drastic change because the colours and textures blend with each other.
* Line your lower lid with kohl (don’t go all the way to the inner corner, that makes the eye look smaller and closed). Use a few coats of mascara.
* Finish off with a coral lipstick, topped with orange gloss in the centre.
Jean-Claude Biguine
* Hair colours for the season are shades of chocolate, cocoa and auburn.
* Use several colours for highlights in your hair. Using three colours can make your look more natural or striking, depending on the shades.
* Indian skin should avoid platinum and other light shades. It’s nicer to stay with warmer colours for spring.
* Your eyebrows should be left dark, it makes a much stronger statement and frames your face.
* Nine out of 10 women have eyebrows that are not properly shaped. Your brows should be thicker on the inside and taper towards the outside. The inside of the brows and the middle should not be the same thickness.
* Indian women are willing to experiment with their hair; while we see many asking for short hair, quite a few still want to keep the length. Depending on the shape of your face, a good look for women who want to retain their length is to have layers in the front that will frame your face. You can leave it down, as well as tie it up, depending on the occasion.
* Men should spend five more minutes while shampooing their hair and give themselves a short massage. This helps boost blood circulation, a lack of which is often a cause for hair loss.
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First Published: Mon, Jan 21 2008. 11 59 PM IST