Spot Light | Tanishq: Gold Craft

Spot Light | Tanishq: Gold Craft
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First Published: Fri, Apr 30 2010. 10 37 PM IST

Updated: Fri, Apr 30 2010. 10 37 PM IST
With over 16 years experience in the advertising industry, Sajan Raj Kurup, founder, chairman and chief creative officer, Creativeland Asia Ltd, has worked with brands such as Toyota, Subaru, Fiat, Hyundai, Appy Fizz, Deutsche Bank, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.
The new campaign for Tanishq’s wedding jewellery shows a father asking his daughter to consider a match. The daughter isn’t interested—that is, till she follows her mother into a Tanishq store and tries out some wedding jewellery.
What did you think of the ad?
I have been politely declining requests for reviews, as I personally see no point in criticizing a piece of work in public after it is done. I’d rather celebrate a nice piece of work in public. What a beautiful break from the regular, ridiculous jeweller adverts. To start with, there’s an idea. And unlike most of its competition, the idea is not a “Let’s use a celebrity”. This film is a great example of the fact that if you start from a lovely insight in the first place and then build on it, you can be pretty sure that it will touch people.
Golden moments: The ad has been beautifully scripted.
And then, of course, it has been handled with a lot of maturity. It’s beautifully scripted. The screenplay is measured and precise. The cast has been carefully chosen and very honestly directed. And the music bathes the moments in the film and doesn’t just sit behind it. There are simple touches in the film that tell me that the people who worked on this assignment have a keen sense of craft. While you’ll catch most of the touches, the clueless look on the father’s face when the daughter and the mother are trying out the jewellery is (a) fantastic moment you must not miss. The incidental introduction of the wedding range the ad aims to promote is bold. All in all, a beautiful film. I’m sure a lot of people will love it.
What should advertisers keep in mind while working on this category?
I think the Tanishq television commercial should be a good example for a lot of advertisers to introspect with. It doesn’t compromise on the product shot, the look and the feel, just like theirs (don’t). But what makes this piece stand apart from theirs? The idea. It has a soul. Most jewellery adverts I have seen get carried away by the look, feel, the glamour and, of course, Bollywood actresses.
Your favourite ad in this category and why?
It has to be the De Beers international campaign from the late 1990s, for its poetry.
As told to Gouri Shah.
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First Published: Fri, Apr 30 2010. 10 37 PM IST