Nubia Z11 Mini’s camera is impressive

Nubia’s solo smartphone in India comes with an impressive 16-megapixel camera, which holds its own even under low light

Nubia Z11 Mini has a 16-megapixel camera with a Sony IMX298 sensor
Nubia Z11 Mini has a 16-megapixel camera with a Sony IMX298 sensor

Camera has been a strong attribute of Android phones made by Nubia. After Nubia Z9 Mini, which was launched last year in collaboration with another Chinese phone maker ZTE, Nubia has come up with Nubia Z11 Mini (Rs.14,500). Though the ZTE brand name is gone, the phone’s camera remains one of the high points. This is a 16-megapixel camera with a Sony IMX298 sensor.

The camera app looks familiar and similar to the one seen on Nubia Z9 Mini. The various camera modes and options are placed on the main interface on a slide. It includes a Pro mode (manual controls), Video record (upto 1,080p), Slow Motion, Time-lapse, Panorama and Camera Family. The last one carries a few more but unique modes such as Slow Shutter (for capturing fast moving objects), Multi-exposure (superimposes one shot on another), and Electronic Aperture (it adjusts the aperture size by itself). The camera also allow user to change aspect ratio, set timer, and click shots using the finger print sensor.

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Outdoor Close-up

Colours in the flower petal and the green in the background have been reproduced accurately. Despite the focus on the flower, one can see the fine lines on the leaves behind. Level of detailing is impressive as well. Even after zooming in we didn’t notice any major blurring.

Landscape in evening

This is a landscape shot taken a few minutes before sunset. Even with the sun rays falling on the building, we didn’t notice any distortion in colour of the building. The detailing and clarity in the image is another element that impressed us a lot. Not only one can read the name of the building clearly but the stairs on the roof is clearly visible as well.

Street view daytime

This is a wide angel shot taken during morning. The detailing in the shot is impressive. One can see the yellow on the pavement distinctly while the text at the top of the shops can be read clearly as well. Even with the traffic moving in the image, we didn’t notice any blurring. The camera hasn’t darkened objects in non-focus areas as some cameras tend to do. We can see the cyclist on the right side of the screen clearly.


This is an indoor shot of a statue. Here the fine lines of the statue have been captured vividly. The darker and lighter shades stand out distinctly. Even on bigger screen we didn’t notice any noise or blurring, which says a lot about the camera’s low light capabilities.

Food indoor

This is another close-up where the various colours have been captured brilliantly. While colours and detail reproduction has been impressive in this case, the lack of macro mode was felt. The camera wasn’t able to focus on the part of the object from a very close distance.

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