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8 hot gadgets for some cool cooking

8 hot gadgets for some cool cooking
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First Published: Wed, Oct 24 2007. 12 08 AM IST

Updated: Wed, Oct 24 2007. 12 08 AM IST
1. Cheers!
Serve most whites (Chenin Blancs, Sauvignon Blancs, Rieslings and ‘everyday’ Chardonnays) at 7°C. Anything cooler, and the aromas and flavours of the wines are diluted. It’s 10°C for the fuller bodied, high quality whites (Sauternes and rich white Burgundy) and light reds (Beaujolais). Reds? Room temperature? No. What they mean by the “room” here is actually the wine cellar temperature (generally 13-14°C). So don’t spoil your Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz or Zinfandel.
What you need is the Sommelier Wine Chiller. Plonk your poison into this cooler, pick from a database of 26 types of red, white and champagne wines off a built-in backlit LCD screen, and thermoelectrics do the rest. An alarm toot will tell you when the wine has reached its optimum serving temperature. Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature can be displayed at the touch of a button.
Price: $100
2. Woof, woof!
With due apologies to man’s most cherished canine companion... The Barking Hot Dog Cooker is a “puppy-steamer” for hot dogs. Plug him in, top up the water tank, plop in four to six pieces of sausage, and jam on the lid. Ten minutes or so later, it will woof out loud to let you know that your wurst is done to juicy perfection and ready for wolfing. With dimensions of about 24x20x18cm, the dog cooker comes with a dishwasher-safe, detachable food tray.
Price: $35
3. Fridge in a drawer
Food for thought: Doesn’t that vertical monster fridge spoil the sleek slickness of your kitchen? How about preserving the low-slung look of the counters by swapping the monolithic chiller for the Norcool Drawer Fridge? With a wine and wassail holding capacity of 170 litres, it comprises two outer drawers and an inner drawer. The drawers can be pulled out completely and boast of an easy-glide self-closing mechanism and shock absorption.
Price: £1,600
4. Stirring performance
Some are born lazy, some just get lazy, and some, we guess, overcome laziness. Two of the aforementioned can twirl on their toes in joy at the sight of this 350ml cooler cum mixing machine, the Whirl Wind Self-Stirring Cup. Powered by two AAA batteries, the cup works at the press of a button to gently give your beverage a swirl. You can also use to it beat eggs, or cool your drink—and even wash it.
Price: $22
5. Utterly buttery
For gastronomes who fuss and fume over fridge-hard or summer-soft, squidgy butter, we present ButterWizard—perhaps the world’s one and only fully portable temperature controlled butter dish. This diminutive Dumbledore heats and cools your block of butter regardless of the ambient temperature, ensuring that it stays at a temperature that is ideal for spreading—anytime, anywhere. It has own internal power supply that keeps 250gm butter at your preferred temperature for up to two hours. And when not in use, it squats—not in Hogwarts—but on a small recharging station?on?your?kitchen counter.
Price: £34.95
6. A crust above
Imagine jamming with a slice of toast emblazoned with a twin set of hearts, “LUV U”, flowers, snowflakes, a birthday cake or a smiley face pattern first thing in the morning. The Pop Art Toaster comes with six design plates that allow you to express yourself exactly thus—quite crisply, albeit on a piece of crust. Twelve toasting levels, reheat and thawing options, and slide-out crumb tray are also on the feature menu. But no need to raise a toast to that.
Price: $35
7. Message on toast
Remember Message in a Bottle, the 1979 hit song by The Police? Well, circa 2007 it seems you can deliver messages on a piece of toast. If you use this Toast Messenger from Sasha Tseng, that is. Whatever you write or draw on the TM’s board gets imprinted on the toast... Sweet nothings, salty sorrys, sketchy toons, poetic overtures... They can all be part of the hors d’oeuvres here.
Product launch details awaited
8. Saucey pan
One for the road hog who loves to eat asphalt on the long, lonely road but hates dhaba food. The RoadPro Portable Frying Pan can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and sizzle up all the sustenance and soul food you want. Bacon, bhaji, or bhujia, this nomadic 12-volt fryer will do it all...
Price: $35
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First Published: Wed, Oct 24 2007. 12 08 AM IST