Review: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon ultrabook

Lenovo’s ultrabook does not compromise on looks or battery life

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon ultrabook

In the race to make slim and light ultrabooks, manufacturers sometimes tend to compromise on aspects such as keyboard quality, number of ports, performance and battery life. Lenovo, however, has avoided these pitfalls.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon ultrabook (Rs.1.06 lakh) is a tremendously lightweight ultrabook—it tips the scales at 1.1kg and is just 16mm at its thickest point. But the slim feature has not stopped Lenovo from adorning the X1 Carbon with all the ruggedness standard in most of its ThinkPad laptops—a carbon fibre-reinforced lid and a magnesium casing. The strong chassis allows ThinkPad laptops to withstand rough usage as well as knocks and falls. Overall, the X1 Carbon has a sophisticated look, with a matte black colour and soft-feel finish. Unlike a lot of ultra-slim laptops, the X1 Carbon gets a fingerprint reader, three USB ports, a display port and even an HDMI out, but, surprisingly, no memory card slot.

This ultrabook runs the Intel Core i5-6300U processor, clocking at 2.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM and a blazing-fast 256 GB solid state-drive storage. What you get is robust performance, be it for productivity tasks or for multitasking. The fast read-and-write speeds of the storage drive allow Windows 10 to boot in less than 10 seconds, and really speed up app opening and switching times.

Battery life is another strong point of the X1 Carbon ultrabook—the power lasts just upwards of 8 hours in the system-stressing battery tests (loading the device as much as possible to test its performance), and can easily last around 10 hours as a primary office computing device.

The Full HD (1,920x1,080), 14-inch IPS display is not reflective at all, which makes it extremely comfortable to use. Even at 50% brightness, this is more than adequate for most indoor usage. The colours are rich and accurate, and the sharpness of the text makes it perfect to read.

Lenovo has also pretty much perfected the keyboard on the X1 Carbon. There is slightly more key travel than the MacBook Air 13, and the spacing is perfect—all this ensures quick and accurate typing.

The X1 Carbon mixes all the ingredients perfectly—it has a reinforced design, excellent battery life, smooth performance and comfortable-to-use display. It is certainly a logical alternative to the Apple MacBook Air 13 laptop.

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