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For external use only

For external use only
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First Published: Sat, May 31 2008. 12 19 AM IST

Updated: Sat, May 31 2008. 12 19 AM IST
Bling bling
Potatoes can be used to put shine back in old silver jewellery. Boil potatoes in some water and remove. Soak silverware in the same water. Polish with a soft cloth afterwards for that super shine.
Nothing ruins a great pair of pants or a shirt like a nice shiny little patch from botched up ironing. The potato is there to help. Rub a raw slice across the shiny bits and brush it a little.
Switched off
This is one of the most common non-edible uses of the potato. If you have a broken bulb where the glass is entirely shattered but the stub remains in the socket—a potato is your best friend. Take the spud, cut off the top (for a flat surface) and plant it firmly into the base of the light bulb. Twist, and voila! The broken bulb is out of the socket.
Veggie facial
Use potato juice as an anti-ageing agent. It also makes your skin glow. Chop up some raw potatoes or even grate one. Use the mixture as a mask. Exhausted after a day peering at that computer? Place raw slices on your eyes for relief.
Dr Spud
Raw potato slices provide relief from slight burns. Just place the potato on top of a wound and hold lightly without pressing. The cooling effect of potatoes can also provide relief from headaches. Place two slices on either side of the forehead for quick relief.
Buzz kill
How annoying is it when you buy mosquito repellent coils and they just give you a piddly stand to perch them on? Spudster comes to the rescue again: Stick one end of a toothpick into the potato and the other end into the mosquito coil. This is also good for sticking in incense sticks in an emergency.
Colour palette
We all know that the potato is not the most attractive looking vegetable in the sabzi mandi. In fact, it is downright ugly. But our friend is a truly unselfish hero. Use a potato to sponge-paint your walls. Cut the potato in half, cut your design of choice into the tuber and dip it into paint. Let your children go wild on their colouring books.
High voltage
Thanks to the phosphoric acid content of potatoes, you can use the tuber to generate a little electricity. A large potato and two pieces of different metal—iron and copper are best—can give you a little spark of power. Don’t eat them afterwards, though. And yes, you still need that electricity connection. An average potato can give you half a volt at best.
Aloo attack
PVC piping, lighter fluid, some simple tools and lots and lots of potatoes are all you need to make a lethal spud gun. This is no toy, mind you. So, save it for those special occasions when nothing but compound fractures will do.
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First Published: Sat, May 31 2008. 12 19 AM IST
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