Oz: Broken Kingdom is a unique take on the World of Oz

‘Oz: Broken Kingdom’ is one of the rare games after the ‘Temple Run Oz’ which captures the world of Oz vividly

If you are into role playing games, ‘Oz: Broken Kingdom’ is a must download.
If you are into role playing games, ‘Oz: Broken Kingdom’ is a must download.

Oz: Broken Kingdom is a role-playing game (RPG) based on the World of OZ. The game invites players to step into the shoes of the popular characters from the World of Oz such as Tin Man, Scarecrow and a new character called Opehlia. The objective is to take on magical powers in combats and restore order and quiet in the world of OZ. Developed by Nexon M, a US-based start-up, the game is available as a free download on both Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Initially the game takes up just 35 MB after installation, but once the game loads it begins to download additional files, which takes the overall file size to 1.3GB. It is not meant for low-configuration devices or devices with poor internet connectivity. One needs to be on a stable Wi-Fi connection to run it smoothly.


Turn based games can be a bit frustrating as the player gets little chance to correct their mistakes during a combat. One’s success or failure depends more on one’s preparation for the combat and the special powers at one’s disposal. To attack an opponent in Oz: Broken Kingdom, the player has to tap on the weapon icon in the inventory and the in-game character will automatically move to attack the opponent with that particular weapon. Player’s job is to identify the combination of weapons that would be most effective against a particular opponent.

The game is divided into missions called Quests. Every Quest involves a wave of attackers and as the game progresses the number of attackers increase. The game doesn’t allow you to change the camera angle or move your characters on the screen.

Upgrading your characters’ skill levels is critical as the game progresses. After every Quest is cleared the player is rewarded with Essence which is the in-game currency and is required at the time of upgrading player abilities, or magical silver coins which can be redeemed for items of great power.


The in-game graphics look cartoonish, but compared to some of the top rated RPG games such as The Bard’s Tale or Mobius Final Fantasy, the overall game looks a lot more elaborately deigned. The various world of Oz such as Emerald Palace, Glinda’s Castle have been captured well. The game also uses special effects regularly to liven up the combat scenes. The only big limitation is the fixed third person camera view and the lack of on-screen controls for movement.


Oz: Broken Kingdom is an interesting addition to the genre for its visual element, easy to follow gameplay and the absence of advertisements. If you are into RPG games, this is a must download, provided your device can handle it. The fact that it is free to download means you can try it out without paying a dime.

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