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12 top mobile applications

12 top mobile applications
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First Published: Tue, Jun 08 2010. 08 12 PM IST

Updated: Tue, Jun 08 2010. 08 12 PM IST
1. Adobe Reader LE
Platforms: Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry, Palm, Android
Adobe Reader LE allows users to read PDF documents on the go. The application supports zooming and panning, as well as a feature that makes the fonts more legible in relation to how zoomed in the document is. There is a handy search feature that lets you directly reach the portion of the document that you want. The reader can handle encrypted documents, but can’t fill up forms. The app is pretty lightweight, although opening large files is not advisable.
2. Advanced Task Killer
Platforms: Android
The Android platform can multitask very well, but can get trapped with too many processes running in the background. Advanced Task Killer is an application that lists these processes and allows the user to close multiple background processes at once. By default, all the processes are checked, so ending all the running processes on an Android device is two taps away because of the large and satisfying “KILL selected apps” button. The app also has an ignore list, to hide necessary processes.
3. Evernote
Platforms: Windows Mobile, Java, BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm, Android
Evernote is essentially a universal notepad, with two appealing strong points. The notes can be in almost any format—audio, video or image. As long as your device supports it, Evernote does as well. Notes can be tagged and made favourites. The other strong point is that all the notes taken in Evernote (up to 40MB for free users) can be stored on their online service. This means that you can access your files from any platform, anywhere.
4. Google Goggles
Platforms: Android
Developed specifically for the Android platform, the Google Goggles application feels like it is back from the future. The application allows users to search using an image as the input. Books, landmarks, logos and visiting cards are just some of the supported objects that can be photographed. The Google Goggles app is constantly updated with new features and fixes, with more functionality being packed in every now and then.
5. JellyCar
Platforms: iPhone
JellyCar is one of the highest rated iPhone games around, despite being free. JellyCar gives you a car made of jelly, and a side-scrolling-platforming puzzle environment as a single level. Each level is refreshingly unique. The car is not rigid, and can change size, stretch, or crunch up a bit according to the situation. All these abilities are used to navigate through a series of obstacles that are made up of simple jelly shapes. You will have to come up with some interesting uses of the accelerometer to play this game successfully. A very addictive game, but the iTunes page has a complaint by a concerned parent about the leaderboards screen being full of offensive names.
6. Last.fm
Platforms: iPhone, Windows Mobile
Last.fm killed off third-party mobile applications such as Mobbler that could stream music from Last.fm, and replaced them with its own version. Unfortunately, the app is not available on all platforms. The application is pretty well thought out, and offers all the regular features of Last.fm available on the site. This ranges from loving tracks to scrobbling, to streaming radio stations directly to the phone. The actual services available vary from region to region, according to the platform, and depend on whether or not the user has a Last.fm subscription. Last.fm is one of the most highly rated webware apps for the iPhone.
7. NetQin Mobile Antivirus
Platforms: Symbian, Windows Mobile
NetQin Mobile Antivirus is the most widely used mobile antivirus application. The software is available for the two mobile platforms most susceptible to malware, spyware or virus attacks. The application has a real-time scanning module and performs regular updates. You can scan the contents of your phone at the click of a button, and First Aid rescues the phone in case of an emergency. There is also a feature thrown in that lets you speed up your boot process, which works well on Windows Mobile phones. There are a bunch of other optimization tools in system management.
8. Nimbuzz!
Platforms: Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Java, Symbian, iPhone
Nimbuzz is one of those applications designed to excite you the second you start it up. Nimbuzz is an all-in one platform for communicating, using a number of approaches—social networking, instant messaging, along with Web 2.0 services such as Hyves and Twitter. There is a global contact list that constantly monitors your friends on all these sites and allows you to send messages, chat over Skype, or beam photos. The application plugs into a wide range of services, is great at managing large contact lists, and works smoothly on all platforms.
9. Psiloc remote control
Platforms: Symbian
Psiloc’s remote control is an amazing app that converts your Symbian mobile into a universal remote. There is an exhaustive list of presets that lets you choose the device you need to interface with. Your mobile phone should have an infrared (IR) port for this software to work, something that can only be found in the older models now. The device has a lot of novelty value, as you get to instantly control devices no matter where you are. Some of us have had fun changing the channels on displays at railway stations. If a particular set of devices is not supported, you can code in the necessary buttons by using the composing wizard on the app.
10. Quake
Platforms: Symbian
This is a port of the ancient Quake game to the Symbian platform. Mobile phones are a great platform for reviving the more outdated games, and this is a perfect example. One of the artefacts of porting the game to the platform is that the game screen is vertical. This does not hamper the gameplay one bit, and it does not take much time to get used to this format. If only ID could port Quake 3 and add a multiplayer functionality...we can wish, can’t we?
11. SugarSync Mobile
Platforms: Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android
SugarSync is the solution for synchronizing files across platforms and employees. SugarSync clients are available for almost all major mobile and desktop platforms, allowing users to save versions of their documents in the SugarSync cloud. Images and songs can also be saved. These files can be accessed from any device, as long as it has Web connectivity. Collaboration is also a feature, and the owner has some pretty advanced control options for managing the files across many collaborators. SugarSync also automatically backs up the five latest versions of a particular software.
12. Vlingo
Platforms: iPhone
Vlingo is an app that lets you tell your phone what to do. The “tell” means actually speaking into the phone. With the click of a button, you can send an email, post a Facebook or Twitter update, or send a message by just talking and allowing the app to convert speech to text. You will have to speak the punctuation aloud, which makes using the app a little goofy. You can even tell the phone whom to message from the phone book, or the email address of a recipient. Vlingo converts these verbal instructions into actions. A very handy app for operating some aspects of your iPhone with voice commands.
(The applications are in alphabetical order.)
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First Published: Tue, Jun 08 2010. 08 12 PM IST