Hands On | The wide-angle view to your safety

Hands On | The wide-angle view to your safety
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First Published: Tue, Jan 05 2010. 08 12 PM IST

Updated: Tue, Jan 05 2010. 08 12 PM IST
Compro VideoMate IP50W
The Compro VideoMate IP50W is a security camera system that uses a network camera to remotely monitor areas of your office or home. The camera has a good sturdy design, but it has a steady flashing blue light at the front that draws attention.
The installation is supposed to be pretty straightforward, but we had some issues with automatically detecting the network camera on the network using the software provided.
The camera and the software together have several features. The software and Web interface on the camera allows resolution and frame rate settings to be managed. The ComproView software has support for multiple cameras and the system allows for motion detection and recording as well.
You can access the camera over the Web on desktops as well as mobile phones. In that aspect, it’s extremely versatile. There’s even Wi-Fi and two-way audio streams.
All the features work flawlessly and the remote access to the camera over the Net is good. The Compro VideoMate IP50W is a great security solution. If it doesn’t grab pictures of intruders, just knowing that it’s there is sure to keep them away. A built-in battery would have been a nice thing to have in case
of power outages. The price (Rs10,000) is a little high if you think of it as a gadget, but not when you think of it as a security camera.
Specifications: 1/4-inch colour CMOS VGA sensor; resolution: 640x480; maximum frame rate: 30 frames per second; dimensions: 84 x 124 x 91.5mm
Samsung ST550
The Samsung ST550 is the ?rst ever compact camera to have a 1.5-inch display screen embedded in the front panel, thus allowing easy capture of self-portraits. The design is simple with only three buttons and a zoom notch. The touch screen works well. It is wide, enabling ease of control, but navigation will definitely take some time. The photographs are quite rich and even at ISO 1600, the noise effect is not that prominent. The camera lacks a viewfinder. The preview button just below the zoom notch also allows the user to make on-the-spot image editing, which is an innovative feature. The face detection feature of the ST550 is quite impressive. For a compact camera, it has various options to focus on a subject. The Smart Touch AF and one-touch shooting modes
provide the user enough freedom to choose any focus point within a frame. Priced at Rs24,990, it’s expensive for a compact camera in spite of the many features.
Specifications: 12.2MP, 4.6x optical zoom ISO range 80-3200; micro SD expandable up to 4GB/micro SDHC expandable up to 8GB; video: 1280x720 at 30/15 frames per second; dimensions: 4.4 x 5.8 x 1.2 inches
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First Published: Tue, Jan 05 2010. 08 12 PM IST