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Snapshots: The ‘big’ one

Snapshots: The ‘big’ one
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First Published: Sat, Feb 16 2008. 12 18 AM IST

Updated: Sat, Feb 16 2008. 12 18 AM IST
Vanshica Kant, 15
Class X, Sanskriti School, New Delhi
Schedule: Vanshica clocks at least 8-10 hours a day. “I can manage on 4 or 5 hours of sleep these days. I find early mornings, when everyone is sleeping, a very peaceful time, so I wake up by 4am, have a cup of coffee or hot milk and get cracking.”
Wake-up call: “I wake up on my own. Sometimes Mum makes coffee for me.”
Take a break: “Every evening, I cycle around the colony or take a short walk. I am continuing with my weekly dance class despite the hectic schedule.” She also takes short breaks every couple of hours.
After the board exams: She intends to get back to sports (judo and tennis), which she has been neglecting. “I will also be travelling to Singapore to visit my sister.”
Mommy talk: “There is no stress. Vanshica manages her own schedule. Only recently I have banned TV, though she hardly used to watch for more than half an hour or so,” says Ranjeeta Kant.
Utsav Ghulati, 17
Class XII, GD Goenka School, New Delhi
Schedule: Utsav studies for at least 10-12 hours a day. “I feel groggy if I wake up early, so I study through the night and keep at it till about 4.30am or so and then go to bed.” Utsav wakes up only by 11am.
Wake-up call: None needed.
Take a break: “I go out for at least an hour in the evening and chat with my friends around the colony or play some badminton.” He also likes to watch TV while eating dinner, because “that way I can catch up with the news and cricket”.
After the board exams: He intends to go to Goa for a vacation with friends.
Mommy talk: “I have stopped going to work since his pre-board exams started. I help him with sample papers, and mark out important questions. This way he stays organized,” says Charu Ghulati.
Neha Sharma, 15
Class X, KR Mangalam School, New Delhi
Schedule: Neha logs at least 8 hours a day. “I wake up by 3.30am to study these days. It is peaceful.” She takes a break by 9.30am or so to have breakfast and then goes back to her books around lunchtime.
Wake-up call: “Mum usually wakes me up; sometimes I set the alarm clock.”
Take a break: “I call my friends and we chat about regular stuff, not studies and who has finished how much of the course.”
After the board exams: A vacation in Europe is on the cards.
Mommy talk: “She just wants me to wake her up in time in the mornings. Otherwise, she manages on her own,” says Simi Sharma.
Rohit John Varghese, 17
Class XII, Bishop Cotton Boys School, Bangalore
Schedule: Rohit studies for about 4 hours every day. “I am more of a night owl and prefer studying between 11.30pm to 2am. I don’t compromise on my sleep, though. Eight to nine hours of shut-eye is a must.”
Wake-up call: “I need mom to wake me up at 6 or 7.30am.”
Take a break: “I like playing computer games and watching television during my break. On a regular basis, my break time used to be somewhere between 2-3 hours. Now since my boards are approaching, my breaks are less than 30 minutes.”
After the board exams: Prepare for exams for IIT and JEE (joint entrance examination), which is in April.
Mommy talk: “I am not nervous at all. I have made him understand that it his responsibility what he does with his life. I don’t watch over him,” says Dr Mary Varghese.
Christina Thomas contributed to this story.
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First Published: Sat, Feb 16 2008. 12 18 AM IST