Wall Mart | Shalini Jaikaria

Wall Mart | Shalini Jaikaria
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First Published: Sat, Jul 07 2007. 12 40 AM IST
Updated: Sat, Jul 07 2007. 12 40 AM IST
Where and why did you get these artworks?
I picked up Protozone from a friend called Vivek Dubey, whom I have known since my college days at the National Institute of Fashion Technology. I feel his perceptions are intense and that attracted me to his work and to this particular painting.
What drew you to these pieces?
The vibrancy of colours in Vivek’s Protozone drew me to it. This particular painting is a satire of Michelangelo’s work on the Sistine ceiling. It highlights the fact that human beings are desperate for grace. I like Vivek’s vibrant interpretation of this otherwise dark concept. It touched a chord.
Where do you exhibit it?
Protozone fits perfectly into my dining room, which has peach and ochre colours in various corners. The vibrant yellow and green of the painting highlights these colours.
What do you like about this particular artist?
I like the way Vivek interprets his themes, as well as the bright fluorescent colours he employs.
What do you think of the explosion in the Indian art market?
I think it is a positive development. The economy is doing well and people have the time and resources to indulge in their love for art. I also believe that art makes for a good investment option, not just because it has monetary value but also because of what it does to the heart, mind, body and soul.
Do you have any criteria when you buy artworks?
Not really. It is a very intuitive process for me. I buy a work of art and then find a corner for it, not the other way round. My purchases are not planned.
Vivek Dubey’s paintings are available at prices ranging from Rs10,000 to Rs35,000.
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First Published: Sat, Jul 07 2007. 12 40 AM IST
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