Game Review: The Godfather turns out to be a boring strategy game

A strategy genre game, The Godfather for smartphones will be a must download for the fans of the movies. But it fails to hold one’s attention for long

Though a strategy game, ‘The Godfather’ doesn’t really challenge you like the ‘Mafia 3 Rivals’ does
Though a strategy game, ‘The Godfather’ doesn’t really challenge you like the ‘Mafia 3 Rivals’ does

One of the most renowned movies of all time, The Godfather has been adapted into action games for PCs and consoles before. The latest game to be inspired by the gangster saga is made for smaller screen and is known as The Godfather. Developed by Hong Kong based developer FT Games, the game belongs to the strategy genre and is available as a free download on Android and iOS.

It is a beautifully designed game and has been optimised well for devices with modest hardware. While it takes up only 133MB of storage space after installation, it requires an active internet connection to run.

Impressive graphics, gameplay lacks depth

The game’s visuals have been taken in entirety from The Godfather movie. the various locations of New York where the movie was shot and props like Vintage cars and attire have been replicated beautifully.

Like all strategy game, the game provides a head start to players with a tutorial. Only, in this case, it runs a little too longer and feels a bit annoying after a while. The use of comic strips to recap multiple scenes on a single page saves time. A player’s main job is to help Vito Corleone in his expansion plans by settings up new business centres and taking out rival gangs. For this, players have to recruit henchmen into the gang, provide training and then arm them with guns and knives. The game provides a detailed info on the abilities of these men. It will come in handy in preparation for fights with rival gangs.

The action sequences are poorly implemented. The clash between henchmen is automated and the outcome will depend entirely on how well equipped your men are.

Upgrading building or business centres or the henchmen requires money. You can speed up things by paying up real money. The in-app purchases starts at Rs330 and goes up to Rs6,800. Upgrading the buildings not just enhances your reputation and means better returns in terms of in game currency.


Though a strategy game, The Godfather doesn’t really challenge you like the Mafia 3 Rivals does. This makes it a bit boring after a while. Though it looks good, it doesn’t offer anything more than the nostalgia of being a part of a game based on the Godfather movies. You can try the Mafia 3 Rivals for its more engaging gameplay and action sequences which involves a player more.

The Godfather

Available on Android, iOS

Free (In app purchases)

Developed by FT Games

Tested on OnePlus One

Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, 3GB RAM, Adreno 330, 64GB storage)

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