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Bought a car? Make it fully loaded

Bought a car? Make it fully loaded
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First Published: Wed, Nov 05 2008. 12 30 AM IST

Updated: Tue, Dec 30 2008. 05 50 PM IST
One look at Delhi-based Ankur Rohatgi’s three-year-old blue Toyota Innova and you wonder why this techie with the capital’s IL&FS Education and Technology Services Ltd is so excited about his car. It looks like a regular eight-seater, at least from the outside. Even after you step in, you are wondering what the surprise is. It’s only when Rohatgi switches on the ignition that your eyes pop out. No, it’s not just the red neon glow the instrument cluster of the car sports.
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Rohatgi has installed, on his own, a series of software into a car PC (again, installed and customized by him) that lets him do many things: listen to music, play video, manage his calls, send SMSes, or use the car GPS. There’s more: The car is a veritable Wi-Fi hot spot, complete with Internet access. “I have built a complete infotainment system that doubles up as a mobile office for me. Everything on the dashboard is both touch- and voice-controlled,” says Rohatgi.
It took him close to six months to source the hardware components from abroad, and then fit them all himself. “I wanted my car to give me the feel of an Audi dashboard, rather than that of a Toyota. That is why I changed all the lights on the dashboard to red rather than the green that conventionally comes with all Toyota cars. All the components are easily available on the Internet if you do your research properly. However, the trick is to match it to your car,” says Rohatgi.
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1. BATTERY: Because of the overall electrical load of the add-ons, Rohatgi opted for a high-powered battery for the car.
2. POWER LINES: The zero-gauge monster cable power lines with multiple fuses ensure there is no chance of a short-circuit. Rohatgi didn’t use any insulation tape. Instead, all the joints have been soldered and covered with high-quality heat-shrink tubing.
3. LIGHTS: Bi-Xenon HID lighting for super white bright lights.
4. REAR CAMERA:It is activated when the car is in reverse gear.
5. SENSORS: The four sensors on the rear bumper transmit the video to the VGA screen on the front panel.
6. GPS: Rohatgi bought the India Map from Satnav Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad.
Pricing guide
Touch screen
Starts at Rs6,000
Car PC
Starts at Rs25,000
Amplifier and speakers
Begin at Rs10,000
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First Published: Wed, Nov 05 2008. 12 30 AM IST