Batman: Telltale Series game is a treat for fans

Telltale has customised the new Batman game for the small screen without compromising on gameplay and graphics

The game is strictly meant for devoted Batman fans who are willing to pay up so much money on a mobile game.
The game is strictly meant for devoted Batman fans who are willing to pay up so much money on a mobile game.

Popular interactive action adventure game on Batman, known as Batman: The Telltale Series is now available on Android and iOS devices in India. Released first on PC, Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One in August, the Batman: The Telltale Series for mobile devices looks and works just the same on all platforms. Telltale Inc., which is credited for developing games on popular TV series such as Game of Thrones and Walking Dead, has used the same style of gameplay that we saw in these games. The game works offline and takes up 858MB after installation.

Visual treat

This game is divided into two parts. The story part which involves Bruce Wayne and the politics of Gotham allows players to control some of Bruce’s decisions and reactions. The other part is where Bruce dons the Batman cape and takes on the rogue characters from the DC Comics. The game beautifully interplays the two parts to keep the players engrossed. If you are one of those who like jumping to the action part, you will be a bit disappointed as the game doesn’t allow one to skip the story part.

The graphics look brilliant and at par with a console game. The on-screen controls appear as the game progresses and when the situation requires. Most controls are gesture based and are easy to master and remember. For attacking opponents, you can use simple gestures such as swiping at a certain angle or in a certain direction or tapping twice on the screen.

The game’s only downside is the time it takes to load a new scene. Even on a high-end phone with powerful hardware, the game takes a while to load new scenes.

Slow but engaging

The game is divided into episodes and every episode is like one huge mission in the game. You can finish off an episode in a few hours if you decide to play it non-stop. As of now, three episodes are available. Users need to download every episode before they can play them. This is a unique style of play where instead of releasing the entire game in one go, the game developer releases the game with a few missions and updates it every month. We have seen Telltale use this with Game of Thrones and Walking Dead series too. The game itself is free to download and play, and that includes the first episode. For other episodes, users will have to pay real cash. Every new episode costs Rs.330, but with a season pass that involves a one-time payment t of Rs.1,000, you can access all four episodes. The game doesn’t charge through in-app purchases, which means your progress won’t be slowed down until you pay up at some point.

Overall, gameplay is fun and engrossing, but it is not meant for someone looking for an action game that involves fist fights or jumping off roof tops. The game is strictly meant for devoted Batman fans who are willing to pay up so much money on a mobile game.

Batman Telltale Series

Developed by Telltale Games

Free (Rs1,000 for full game)

Available on Android, iOS

Tested on Google Pixel XL (Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, 4GB RAM, 32GB, Adreno 530)

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