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Hello Soulmate!

Hello Soulmate!
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First Published: Tue, Apr 12 2011. 09 34 PM IST

Updated: Tue, Apr 12 2011. 09 34 PM IST
The market today is flooded with phones, most of them with specifications so similar that it is tough to choose one over the other. So we sifted through the vast array of smartphones out there to bring the best, the latest and the ones most suited to your business needs.
I need a phone that can withstand rough handling
Motorola Defy
Dip it in water, kick it or scratch it—the new Motorola Defy has been created to withstand any kind of abuse its user might put it through. According to the company, it’s water resistant, dust- and scratch-proof, and that includes its smart LCD touch screen. Basically the makers have anticipated breaking, melting and freezing and created a phone which cannot be so easily undone . Defy, which is run on Android, is one of the few smartphones that is water resistant. It has a shiny black metal case with plastic for grip on the sides. And wonder of wonders, it actually looks stylish to hold and touch. The only thing you need to remember is that the touch screen doesn’t work in water, so avoid going for a swim while playing a game on it, though we are not sure why you would even think of doing so.
What you pay: Rs 18,990
More like this: The Nokia N8, Rs 24,321, has a solid anodized aluminium shell and the uniquely Nokia ability to last decades
I travel a lot and need a reliable GPS
Nokia E7
In the last few years, Ovi Maps has evolved into a service which is proving to be much more reliable and faster to load than Google Maps. Its offline mapping data support makes it possible and simple to find your way in interior areas even though your Internet connection might not be working. Turn-by-turn directions as well as recommendation and review services make the experience more personalized. With a sensitive GPS receiver, E7 is one of the best handsets to pick up if you need to depend on GPS-based maps a lot. Add to it a compass which is efficient and makes navigation easy and you have a phone which will never let you lose your way.
What you pay:Rs29,999
More like this: If you’re okay with a left field choice, consider Videocon’s Ducati Mo-biking V6200, Rs 8,499. It comes preloaded with MapMyIndia maps and GPS navigation.
I want long battery life
iPhone 4
iPhone 4 is many things but the one thing many don’t know about it is its long-running battery. If you need a smartphone which can live through a night of no-charge, then pick it up. Even with more than 5 hours of heavy usage—running a couple of applications, 30 minutes of video, downloading apps and music through Bluetooth, which can usually be a complete battery sucker—the iPhone survives. In fact it can survive through the night and most of the next day (of less usage) without dying on you. The reason for this is the processor Apple has used for it. It’s an efficient lean machine which avoids battery sucking even when it’s multitasking.
What you pay: Rs 35,500
More like this: Stay off the smartphone track if you want marathon battery life. If you must stay high end, consider the Samsung Nexus S, Rs 26,990.
I need to be connected to my social networks
Samsung Galaxy S
If connecting to people is what makes sales shoot up, here’s the phone you need as part of your one-man army. Samsung Galaxy S has a cool integrating communication tool for all your contacts—phone numbers, email ids, social networks and chat IDs. It collates all IDs in one space called Social Hubs. Now that your master contact list is ready, you can email, do a conference call, update your social networking sites and share content with everyone and anyone you know with just a single click. And don’t fret about typing out that message on a slippery touch-screen keyboard. Galaxy offers swipe technology—swipe your finger across a word and you get it written faster. Sharing doesn’t get easier than this.
What you pay:Rs31,500
More like this:The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, Rs 32,000, offers a stunning form factor and Android version 2.3 “Gingerbread”.
I want a phone that can encrypt my mails
BlackBerry Curve 9300
BlackBerry offers the highest levels of handset security, be it for your emails or handset content. Other than the password protection and keyboard lock, the Curve 9300 offers two types of end-to-end encryption for emails when they travel between the BlackBerry server and the handset. Data sent to the smartphone is encrypted by the server using a private key, which is decrypted only when it reaches your handset or PC. This is the reason no one can hack it while it travels. The smartphone also offers local encryption of all data—SMSes, addresses, calendar details, memos and tasks—making the content on your phone really secure. In case your smartphone is misplaced, you can easily lock or delete information in it from a distance so that it’s not abused.
What you pay:Rs 17,500
More like this: If you want Enterprise-level encryption, stick to a BlackBerry. Else, be prepared to shell out upwards of Rs 1,000 for similar apps on Android phones.
I like to get entertained while on the move
HTC Desire HD
Do you like to take all your music, movies, videos, podcasts and family pictures with you in your handset? Then invest in an HTC Desire HD. The phone offers storage expandable to up to 32 GB, and the excellent HTC Sense interface. Combine the storage with a 4.3-inch WVGA display especially created in the longer 16:9 size like a widescreen TV and you’ve got yourself a mini theatre.
What you pay:Rs 26,990
More like this: LG’s new Optimus 2X, Rs 30,000, has a blazing-fast dual core processor, an HDMI port and 8 GB of internal storage plus SD card support.
I need to view and edit a lot of documents
DELL Venue Pro
With a 4-inch touch screen and a portrait keyboard, the new Dell Venue Pro is for someone who likes to have a choice - to type or swipe. The stylish Windows Phone 7 software on the AMOLED display comes with that ultimate productivity tool: Microsoft Office. The keyboard is tactile but you might not need it much—the on-screen keyboard is super-easy to use and helps to avoid typos.
What you pay:Rs 34,990
More like this:The BlackBerry Bold 9700, Rs 25,000, has a fantastic keyboard and a pre-installed DataViz Docs To Go editing suite.
* All phone prices vary across cities, and from vendor to vendor .
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First Published: Tue, Apr 12 2011. 09 34 PM IST